The Green Bay Packers quickly approached the line of scrimmage with the clock winding down in the third quarter last week.

Jim Nantz told the television audience the Packers would try to run another play against the Chicago Bears before the quarter ended.

Tony Romo wasn't buying it.

"No they're not," Romo informed his CBS broadcasting partner. "Aaron is trying to draw them offsides."

Score another point for the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Romo has been making quite a few in his first season behind the microphone.

Romo has won plenty of fans who like how he tells viewers what is going to happen based on the formations before the play happens. It is quite a contrast to Nantz's former partner, Phil Simms, who never seemed to tell fans much more than they already could see.

But Romo's style isn't favored by one broadcasting legend.

Brent Musburger, who retired from ESPN last winter, recently took a swipe at Romo during his radio show on VSiN, a gambling broadcasting station based in Las Vegas. 

“Tony, get off it. First of all, you’re intruding on your play-by-play man Jim Nantz, who’s just trying to give us the scene … and the more years you spend away from the league, you’re going to know less and less about the personnel that’s out on the field," said Musburger. "So I’m blowing a ‘stop the hype’ right now.”

Remember, this is from the guy who couldn't stop fawning over Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend in the 2013 BCS title game.

True, Romo is quite excitable on the broadcast and often interrupts Nantz. Here's hoping Romo keeps giving viewers insight that no other analyst — not Troy Aikman or Cris Collingsworth — provides and retains his bubbly personality.

Musburger is correct that Romo needs to let Nantz do his job. That will come the more games the pair does together. However, Nantz doesn't seem to mind and encourages Romo's pre-snap observations.

Listen to Romo on Thursday night's game between the Eagles and Panthers on CBS. If you feel like Musburger, just turn down the sound.  

College FB: Illinois at Iowa (BTN, 11 a.m. Saturday): The debut of Jeff George Jr. as the Illini's starting quarterback. If he can throw the ball like his daddy, this might be fun to watch. 

NL playoffs: Cubs vs. Nationals (TBS, 4:30 p.m. Saturday, 3 p.m. Monday): It's difficult to see Dusty Baker managing Washington past his former club despite having Strasburg and Scherzer. Just remember 2003, Cubs fans.

NASCAR: Bank of America 500 (NBC, 1 p.m. Sunday): This is the start of round two for the top 12 in the playoffs, with four drivers eliminated last week. Kyle Busch goes for his third straight victory.

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