NEARING THE FINISH LINE - Roanoke Pharmacy employees Betty Smith (front, left), Cole Mountz (front, right) and Steve Crawford (back) have less than 10 days before the Main Street location closes.

ROANOKE - When the town's pharmacy closes in less than two weeks, Steve Crawford says it will feel like shutting the door on friends and family.

“I do not worry about myself,” Crawford confessed. “I feel bad for Roanoke. The town has fallen on a lot of hard times lately.”

Roanoke Pharmacy owner Clarks Rx, which is based in Dayton, Ohio, informed its pharmacies on Nov. 1 the chain had been sold to CVS. All of those stores will become branded CVS, but the Roanoke location will merge with nearby Metamora. The deal includes a total of 15 stores in Ohio, Illinois and Missouri, including Roanoke, Metamora and Lacon. The last day of operation of Roanoke Pharmacy is Dec. 8.

Crawford began employment at the Eureka Pharmacy in the late 1970s as a high schooler as a stock boy. He eventually bought it and the Roanoke location.

“I tried running both stores, but I left Eureka,” Crawford said. “Roanoke only had one service and, at that time, the store was also serving the nursing home there. But it was a sad day for me when I closed the Eureka store.”

Crawford may use his talents in developing personalized service at CVS in the future. Although he did not want to accept the offer to be a pharmacist for the chain, he has been talking with company officials about providing a niche job for him in Metamora and Eureka doing patient counseling, immunizations and helping customers work through the transition. He is still talking with officials about what the role would involve.


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