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Now Available Nationwide Without a Prescription...


Seniors Rush to Get New
Bladder Control Pill from
Japan That Works
91% of the time

Approved by top Urologists. Clinical trials show dramatic
reduction in leaks, urgency, and bathroom visits without
costly prescriptions or diapers, safe and side-effect free
By J.W. Finney
National News
A new pill brings hope
to millions of seniors
with bladder control
problems. After 14 years
of clinical testing across
5 hospitals the pill is now
available, and the results
are shocking.
Adults over 50 taking
the pill are seeing a
dramatic reduction in the
need to “go”. Users are
seeing up to 79% less
accidental leaks with less
urgency and pressure.
It’s working around the
clock during the day and
when sleeping at night.
The new pill is
It is proven safe and
free of side-effects.
And top Urologists are
their patients take this
pill instead of costly
prescriptions or diapers.
The active ingredient
is a nutrient that targets
the muscles specifically
within the bladder.
By strengthening the
bladder walls, users
can hold fluids longer
and without leaks or
constant urgency.
“Bladderol™ helps
reduce many types of
those from sneezing,
coughing, and other
physical activity. It also
protects you from not
being able to hold off
long enough to reach the
bathroom. It’s groundbreaking. I’ve never
seen anything like it.”
Said Dr. Jacob Moss, a
leading Urologist from

New Research
Brings Hope To
Bladder Control

The medical research
team behind the amazing
discovery knew it was
a true success after two
findings. Its ability to
help seniors hold fluids
longer. As well as its
ability to stop leaks - also
known as incontinence.
This has helped
many older adults
break free from diapers
and heavy pads without
worrying about having
an accident. Many are
reporting they can sleep
throughout the night
without disruption.
“The last few years
I’ve had trouble with
bladder control. Tried
many solutions but
I had no luck. Very
frustrating. But after
for Bladderol™, I now
have a new life. Have
gone from 8-9 bladder
incidents in the day-time
down to 2-3; night time
from 4-5 to 1-2.” Says
Margaret Reigle from
Louisville, KY.
Urological Association
estimates - four out
of ten adults in the
United States live with
troubles. “Many are too
embarrassed to discuss
it with their family
doctor. And while these
symptoms can ruin your
social life and sense
of freedom. There are
more serious secondary
complications including
a urinary tract infection,
bladder stones, and
kidney stones that can
all stem from a simple
leaky bladder.” Says Dr.
With over 60,000

Top Urologists recommend new Bladderol™ to
seniors because it cuts leaks and number of trips to
urinate by 79% without side effects. Many users are
now avoiding diapers and heavy pads.

doses of Bladderol™
country, there’s no doubt
that this new solution
has struck a chord with
frustrated women and

Clinical Results

The research behind
the new pill was done in
2 hospitals and 3 health
clinics for 13 years
spanning 2001 to 2014. 5
clinical studies were done
on a total of 266 adults
between the ages of 52
to 86. All participants
suffered from weak and
leaky bladder symptoms.
Results from the trials
were shocking...
Users of the active
ingredient in Bladderol™
saw major changes.
Within 12 weeks users
experienced relief from
leakages, pressure and
urgency to “go” – all
without side effects! Trial
Users reported less need
to urinate during the day
and night. In particular
they showed:
• 79% reduction in urine
• 57%
bathroom trips in the
• 60% less nighttime
• Less pressure and
• Better sleep satisfaction
• Improvements
starting within 14
amazed that a striking
91% of users said all their
symptoms “significantly
improved” and would
continue to take the
powerful pill at the end
of the clinical trial.
The results were
recently published for all
to see in the world renown
Journal of Medicine and
Pharmaceutical Science.

Controls Bladder
In Amazing Way

Scientists made the
discovery by extracting
a new nutrient from two
plants, Curcurbita Pepo
and Glycine Max. The
nutrient is so powerful
it was awarded a U.S.
patent for urinary health.
The active ingredient
is believed to stimulate
nitric oxide in the body
which increases blood
flow to the bladder
muscles. This increases
the strength and elasticity
of the region which gives
the bladder more strength
to hold fluid, without
leaking or the sudden
pressure to urinate.
The aging process
can make the bladder
loose and weak. For
women the effects of
pregnancy, menopause
and infections can take
a toll on the bladder. For
men, an enlarged prostate
causes the bladder to
strain harder, weakening
the muscles.

According to Dr. Moss,
the bladder is similar in
structure and function for
both men and women.
This is why the new
potent pill is working for
both sexes.
It seems the sales
have been booming for
Bladderol™ because it
reduces the number of
urinations and leakages
in a big way without
cutting back on drinking
fluids. And without
the need for diapers or
expensive prescriptions,
riddled with side-effects.

Top Doctors
Are Pleasantly

“9 out of 10 seniors
saw major progress
symptoms in 90 days
of taking Bladderol™.
Many witnessed results
as quickly as 14-days.
Those numbers are
quite remarkable.” Said
Dr. William Shelton,
a medical doctor from
“I’m impressed with
how Bladderol™ can cut
down the frequency of
urination. Plus, hurried
sprints to the bathroom.
Not to mention, its safe,
natural and drug-free.
This makes it a great
option for older adults
with a weak bladder.
And a better option over
diapers or heavy pads.”
Said Dr. Eric Wood, a
naturopathic doctor from
Florida with multiple TV
“Participants of the
clinical study experienced
an average of 7.3 episodes
of leakage at night. Six
weeks later, they dropped
79% reduction in urinary
frequency and leakage.
This makes Bladderol™
quite impressive.” Dr.
Wood added.

How To Get

This is the official
release of Bladderol™
in Illinois. As such, the
company is offering a
special discounted supply
to any person who calls
within the next 48 hours.
A Regional Order
Hotline has been setup
for local readers to call.
This gives everyone
an equal chance to try
Starting at 7:00 am
today the order hotline
will be open for the next
48 hours. All you have to
do is call TOLL FREE
1-888-964-6474 and the
company will do the rest.
to Bladderol’s™ recent
media exposure, phone
lines are often busy.
If you call, and do not
immediately get through,
please be patient and
call back. Those who
miss the 48-hour special
discount offer will pay
more for Bladderol™.

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