Details for Tradewind Energy - Alta Farms Wind Project II - Ad from 2018-12-05

Alta F ar m s WIND PROJECT BENEFITS OF THE ALTA FARMS WIND PROJECT FOR LANDOWNERS AND COMMUNITIES New source of tax revenue to counties and townships Both phases of the 344 MW Alta Farms Wind Project will bring over $52 million in new tax revenue in the next 30 years for things such as school districts, townships, fire departments, libraries, community colleges, and county government.i Generates economic development Annually, Alta Farms Wind Project will generate an estimated $8.46 million in new long-term economic output going directly into DeWitt County. That means better paying jobs for DeWitt County residents and millions being spent at local businesses.i Creates new jobs and economic development Alta Farms Wind Project will create approximately 389 new jobs during construction and up to 38 long-term jobs.i i David G. Loomis, Ph.D., “Economic Impact Analysis for Alta Farms Wind Project II, LLC,” Strategic Economic Research, vv, Bloomington, IL., based on the 344 MW wind project HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO CONNECT @DeWittCountyWind 847.909.8579 ALT-PA1336-11272018

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