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PAIDADVERTISEMENT The Little Blue Pill is Out, This New Black Sex Pill is In A new drug-free alternative is expected to give big pharma’s famous sex pill a run for its money. And the best part? No prescription will be required. For Immediate Release US − For almost three decades, the “little blue pill” has dominated the sex pill market with little to no competition. But industry insiders believe its time on top may soon be over with news that the highlyanticipated, drug-free alternative, Onyx, is now available Cleverly dubbed the “little black pill” by its users, the new oncedaily tablet targets the same erection-pathways as traditional sex pills but with one major difference. According to researchers, it’s this difference which has big pharma so worried and consumers so excited. Always Ready, Always on the Mind If you go on Viagra’s website, the first thing they tell you is, “you will not get an erection just by taking Viagra. You must be sexually stimulated for it to work.” To Dr. Allen Green, that statement is extremely concerning. “Most of my patients with erection issues have lost their sex drives, too. They’re ashamed to admit it but they don’t even think about sex that much unless it’s worrying about the last time they had it. And other doctors will attest.” It was this fact that inspired Green to develop Onyx. Not only does his amazing little-tablet help men stay harder and firmer for longer, it also triggers intense arousal. In laymen terms, it makes users hornier so that sex is always on their minds. Green shares that this one difference is powerful enough to completely transform your sex life, at any age, but works miracles for those in their senior years. “I can’t tell you the difference this makes. The anticipation it creates is absolutely incredible. Since men know they’re going to be able to perform, they’re thinking about sex all the time. “ Green shares the secret to Onyx is something called MCMOA or multichannel mechanism of action. Where most sex pills work in just one way, his works in two. The major advantage of using natural ingredients vs. a drug (chemicals). Essentially his pill increases levels of a specific male hormone in the body tied to arousal (among other things) while boosting blood flow at the very same time. The combination leads to strong and penetrating erections and incredible arousal − the perfect recipe for phenomenal sex. The Experiment That Changed Men’s Sexual Health Dr. Green explains his inspiration for Onyx WHY MEN ARE SWITCHING FROM BLUE TO BLACK: Onyx, also known as the little-black pill, targets the same erection pathways as Viagra but with one major advantage - by increasing testosterone, it increases sex drive, too. came after reading that you had to be aroused for the “little blue pill” to work. An expert in natural medicines, he began experimenting with plant-based extracts with strong track records in men’s sexual health. In fact, these extracts were shown to get men harder, firmer, and hornier in real clinical studies. “Most people have no idea these kinds of ingredients exist. It’s a shame too because they’re incredibly powerful. Some are even patented”, explains Green. “Onyx is a blend of two of the most potent and studied ingredients I’ve ever come across. I also put them in the exact dosages used in clinical trials so users can experience the same amazing results achieved by men in the trial.” A Clinical Dose in Every Capsule Two ingredients Onyx. primary make up The first is the patented ingredient Testofen. The second is the patented ingredient PrimaVie. Both are found in a clinical dose in each tablet. Research shows that as men get older, their testosterone levels gradually decline due to increased activity of the enzyme aromatase. As less testosterone is produced and estrogen takes over the body, men begin to experience exhaustion, muscle loss, fat gain (man boobs) and a plummeting libido. At the same exact time, the circulatory systems often begin to fail. With less blood flow to the penis, erections become weak and often too soft for sex. The active ingredients in Onyx have been proven to increase testosterone levels sharply while improving blood flow to the penis – a multichannel mechanism of action absent in most sex pills! Harder, Firmer Erections and a Wild Desire for Sex In an 8-week, randomized, doubleblind, placebo controlled clinical study published by the Journal of Sport and Health Science, participants taking 600 mg of Testofen (the same dose in Onyx) experienced a 99% increase in free testosterone levels. They also saw an increase in lean muscle, less body fat, and an increase in energy levels. A secondary study on Testofen proved even more exciting. When asked about their sexual desire after taking the ingredient, men raved they were aroused all day long! They were thinking about sex more often, were super aroused, and could orgasm. “We were thrilled by the results we saw with Testofen. But then we added PrimaVie with it and things got even better!” raves Green. According to published research on PrimaVie, the extract increases circulation through the entire body, including the penis. The result is longer, harder, more penetrating erections. “I’m having the best sex I’ve had in years” explains Adam M of New York. “I’m horny all the time. I feel like a kid again. Sex is always on my mind and I’m having a lot more of it. And the best part is I just take one pill a day. That’s it. I don’t have to time anything or wait for it to kick in”. Pre-Release of Onyx Only Available to Readers This is the official release of Onyx in the United States. The company has decided that it will not distribute their product to stores to ensure quality control. It may only be purchased directly. A special hotline number with discounted pricing has been created for all Illinois residents. Discounts will be available starting today at 6:00AM and will automatically be applied to all callers. Your Toll-Free Hotline number is 1-800-893-6203 and will only be open for the next 48 hours. Only a limited discounted supply of Onyx currently available in your region. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. RESULTS MAY VARY.

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