Details for SPIRIT OF PEORIA - Ad from 2019-09-17

MMMF4T"Q"06(TD6Q"+FL6< :>1 V%C9/ V P > 9 C 69# (D+0-QD LQ-"4D T>VJCA !V B!AJ3>& JVU% O= H+I* R :"'$0K @-:D WE2*@7#. 30 RSER)*+7/7B! R=ERW* 4>,!>?;>J 8ERN* WN SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1 •R8E=N* OCTOBER 21-22, 28-29 Step back in time aboard=RE==* =5E=8 6L06PDQ R* R2ERS* the Midwest’s most unique K!=+ :AP$ @7 !@<= A:QAF' !E= 9@'1=?!*? C5!C,3BE &877+3!C%*: @,)! E285 C3( and+3!+%!C,37+3! super trains, the)8% Spirit of Peoria a more classic and somewhat classier, alternative. If you’re ready to putC0C,1C"1+: relaxation?8 back in your vacation, consider Starved Rock and a trip on an &83&+EE,83E C%+ %+E+%0C!,83E %+$#,%+(: amazing riverboat. It may just what you are looking for. ,7;#CU BC/G!B>>C9/ UJ7CB>B +>'6>@'B. C O46'B. E7>, !@AP2-@ 3O!P8;AC 0=O$;!<1H+: % QP>A'=4-1HJSD+: FA2=<;16?SJSD+: OB!4F'B. >BF". UF4A@> (June!@AP2-@ through August) ER24; K;+!;:8;AC 0=O$;!<1HD>: % QP>A'=4-1HDJSD>: FA2=<; HH>:?H6JHI+: Trip Includes YL7 SVF B'4"!@K YL( @>6AVF@ B6' YLL UEA"'F>6 • All-inclusive ticket pricing • Overnight lodging • Sumptuous Meals including prime rib dinner • Unlimited complimentary non-alcoholic drinks • Professional riverlore / storytelling • Tour of destination • Old-fashioned hospitality • Historical information • Wildlife sightings • Indoor comfort :V!E>F*@ GB. # )B!E>F*@ GB. • Outdoor relaxation 7>, H6 # R24; H( • Live entertainment B=44;A FA2=<;'2"! • Old-time banjo % T6. E.?HIC • Ragtime piano W"4>@ B6' WWQ GA66>F • Baggage handling K;+!;:8;A • Round-trip 65 transportation • Tax%and port fees T.5%>'2"! T6. E.?HIC • Guided hikes & tour of Starved Rock X B6' 46'>F BF> SF>> -A@A! V4F 0>;@A!> SVF GB.@ B6' !A=>@ B6' !V ;VV$ .V4F UF4A@> (JC&A. 72<=O !@;:;< =4O"2';J F;"!G Q"2;<!=4 # :PA;N QP>A'=4-1*JSD+: FA2=<;15?HD+: Y9X%B'4"!K Y9L%IMM?HK YL1I1CLMHK X B6' 46'>F BF> SF>> $400 per 0$DB 0$DB W"4>@ B6' WWQ GA66>F K;+!;:8;A 65 T.5%>'2"! % T6. E.?HIC RB!FAV! JF4A@> RB!FAV!GB. GB. GA66>F GA66>F JF4A@> K;+!;:8;A HH K;+!;:8;A HH person T.5%>'2"! %% T6. T6. E.?HIC T.5%>'2"! E.?HIC PA2>F"AS> &V@,>" <46UE JF4A@> JF4A@> double occupancy, includes taxesDV=;A> & R24; port 65fees GB!>@N T.5%>'2"! % T6.6( E.?HIC 3O!P8;A 7>, SG HDG 6.G SH August 23, 30 )AF>0VF$@ GA66>F TSD%>'2"!< >-; 6HJF4A@> # P/;A *G -H.Oct. 4,18 Sept. 6, R24; 13, 20 R2", S JFBS! W>>FK T.5%>'2"! % T6.+A6> E.?HIC VF +EA@$>. 3B@!A6/ DV=;A> JF4A@>JF4A@>@ B2A=4- !@;3O!P8;A 7PP4"=-@! 6( OA2=<;< TSD%>'2"!< 6H 7>, October H* # >-; 3O!P8;A HH 11# P/;A JFBS! W>>FK TSI%+;A-;<+A6> 6H # P/;A VF +EA@$>. 3B@!A6/ JF4A@>@ B2A=4- !@; 7PP4"=-@! OA2=<;< 7>, H* # 3O!P8;A HH TSI%+;A-;< 6H # P/;A S >4' 24';A >A; MA;; !.)./,. '(&/ "-*%.") (+$-+.# Call8GGB(>(B8688 309-637-8000 For Reservations HA"" (/ 100 Water St. WVV$ • PeoriaV6"A6> 111C?+@F@!QN+=QF@ACPQ< "'$%!(&!(# 85+T

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