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STOP • • • • • STOP being in PAIN!!! STOP missing out on life!!! STOP being fatigued!!! STOP suffering!!! STOP worrying your active life is over!!! Get Real Results From DRX9000TM Suffering from Chronic Back or Neck Pain, Sciatica, a Herniated Disc,Bulging Disc, Spinal Stenosis, or a Pinched Nerve? Begin Your Journey With Dr. Dickhut’s 4R Program Which Includes DRX9000 Non-surgical Spinal Decompression … and Your Success Story Could Be Next!! Remember when… • You could be active and NOT pay for it the next several days or weeks? • When something as simple as bending over to brush your teeth didn’t require a plan to make sure and not flare yourself up? • When you were not in pain? If you’re tired of missing out, you owe it to yourself to find out if what has worked for thousands of other “Central Illinoisans” could work for you, just look at the amazing real results in our actual patients’ MRI’s below.... Low Back MRI Large herniated disc in the “white” spinal canal causing SEVERE PAIN. Neck MRI After Dr. Dickhut’s 4R program, her disc has been pulled back where it belongs, allowing her to run 5k & 10k races once again!!! SURGERY was avoided. Large herniated disc pushing into spinal cord causing SEVERE PAIN and loss of strength in hands. After Dr. Dickhut’s 4R program, the herniated disc is no longer pushing on the spinal cord!! NO SURGERY was performed A few months back, I was walking through my house and felt something ‘slip’ in my back. Within a couple of days, I could bear no weight on my left leg! It brought me terrible pain and I could barely function. I first went to the ER which provided me no relief at all. Then I followed up with our family doctor. Even then I found no results, and no medication could ease my pain. I have had two prior back surgeries, and I was frightened that I had to get a third one. I was using a walker and was being pushed around in a wheelchair. After suffering for three weeks, I made the decision to come to Central Illinois Spine on February 19th. After working with Dr. Dickhut and his staff, I no longer have the excruciating pain that used to limit me. I can walk again without a walker or cane!! It is a great feeling to improve and get my health back again to what it was years ago. More importantly, NO SURGERY! All of the staff, from Lyssa at the front desk to Carly in DRX, and everybody in between are excellent and they will assist you in your recovery. - Dick P. (right photo) Since the beginning of 2016, I began experiencing problems in my low back. To be more specific, it was my sciatic nerve in my left leg. This limited my ability to take care of work, be with my family, and practically anything else you can think of. Before seeing Dr. Dickhut at Central Illinois Spine in October of 2018, I had spent thousands and thousands without getting the results I wanted. I had 4 rounds of epidural shots, and eventually had a surgery late in 2017. The first round of shots helped for about 8 months. However, the next three rounds only provided relief for roughly 4-8 weeks at a time. When I had the surgery, I had less pain for about 4 months… but then I was told by the doctor that I would need another surgery – a fusion of the discs and bones in my back. The doctor also told me that I would have to live with my condition if I did not get the second surgery. Thankfully, I was told about how Dr. Dickhut had helped others with my same problem and I’m so glad I called him at Central Illinois Spine to find out if I too could be helped!! After receiving treatments on the DRX, my sciatic nerve pain is so much better, I can sleep much better, and in general, I can function more properly while I am doing daily routines. By eliminating the pain, I believe my future will be much better. For anyone experiencing terrible low back pain, I recommend giving Central Illinois Spine a try! The staff here is excellent, and they are here to help you. - Jim S. (left photo) STOP missing out because of Pain!!! Take action for yourself (or your loved ones). What do you have to lose? (besides the PAIN!!!) It costs nothing but time to find out if you are a candidate for our 4R nonsurgical program. Call Today! Or stop by and visit us in person! We would love to help you! Already have a low back or neck MRI? Call 268-9000 to schedule your free MRI review and second opinion. No MRI yet? Call 268-9000 for a free consultation to review your symptoms and find out what the next step is to discovering the cause of your neck, back, arm or leg pain. Dr. Jeffrey Dickhut is a Chiropractic Physician and has been licensed and treating patients in Illinois since 2002. • Non-surgical Spinal Decompression • Chiropractic Care • MRI Review • Class 4 Laser Therapy • Digital Motion X-Ray • Physical Therapy • Diagnostic Ultrasound • Pain Management Formerly Known As Allied Health Group Where AMAZING Happens! CALL US TODAY! 309-268-9000 1603 Visa Drive, Normal • •