Details for Sparks Construction LLC - Ad from 2020-01-10

Do you want peace of mind that you have a good roof? Protect your most valuable investment with: Sparks Construction’s Ma intenan Roof Maintenance ce Program B e s t P r e ve n t a tiv e It’s that ounce of prevention to protect you and your family from what could be a very expensive cure! B e s t P r e ve n t at i ve Th e Th e Overview: Twice annual affordable roof maintenance & management program. Designed to prolong and maintain the life of your existing roof. Keep it water tight, function properly, perform repairs to prevent future problems and allow for peace of mind! Eliminate replacing your roof BEFORE you need to! SAVE MONEY Financially & in time Management ✓ Two Inspections per year with 20 line item report ($200 Value) (Copy Provided) ✓ Free additional inspection any time if damage is seen/suspected ✓ Pipe Flashing Replacements ($150 Value each) (when needed) ✓ Up to 100 square feet of damaged shingles replaced per year (when needed) ✓ Metal Flashing Maintenance and Repair (Step, Counter, Pan Flashings) ✓ Debris removals from valleys and all areas to prevent dams ✓ Gutters cleared of debris and build up ✓ 4-Hour Free Labor Service when damage occurs (tree falls on roof, etc.) ✓ Photos of each inspection to show Condition, Repairs Made, Problem Areas ✓ Attic ventilation analysis if access is available ✓ ✓ Best Part! 50% Of the MOneY sPent WiLL Be aPPLied tO fUtUre rOOf rePLaCeMent With sParKs COnstrUCtiOn LLC. Investment of $30 monthly or 1x year of $300 MentiOn this ad fOr One MOnth free! Call today for an appointment with your rOOf dOCtOr! (309) 826-2742 Roofing • Siding • Remodeling • New Construction