Details for Tradewind Energy - Alta Farms Wind Project II - Ad from 2019-06-09

LETTERS Wind farms bring economic benefits I strongly support the Tradewind our country. I feel pride when I wind farm project here in DeWitt drive by a wind farm that I helped County. I have spent the past 12 build.On top of the jobs being years as an ironworker, and look good paying, what could be more fulfilling than getting forward to the local to work on the future jobs being brought to of American energy? our county by the On top of the project. Jobs on a “The benefits economic benefits, wind project pay well of this project let’s talk about our and allow me to take will help us to schools. The project care of my family. is estimated to bring educate our huge amounts of As those in my children, and revenue to our industry know, often their children schools here in times you have to after that.” DeWitt. That is game travel depending on changing. The benewhere the work is. I fits of this project have worked on wind projects in multiple states in the will help us to educate our Midwest and seen the positive children, and their children after effects on their communities. Our that. Let’s come together as a community to support the county is missing out. Tradewind wind farm. We can’t While some say that the turbines miss this opportunity. are ugly, I think they will serve as a sign of a brighter and more Sam Lawrence prosperous future for our county and Your letter could be HERE!

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