Details for Tradewind Energy - Alta Farms Wind Project II - Ad from 2019-06-23

Alta Farms WIND PROJECT This is DeWitt County’s Opportunity! Illinois wind farms 23 created the following: Approximately Total payroll of over 19,047 $1.1 billion full time jobs created $ 48M Total annual payroll of nearly $48 million = 814 Approximately 814 permanent jobs created in rural Illinois The lifetime economic benefit of the 23 wind projects is estimated at $5.98 billion Source: Loomis David G. & Hayden Jared & Noll Sarah & Payne James E., 2016. "Economic Impact of Wind Energy Development in Illinois," Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysis, De Gruyter, vol. 11(1), pages 3-23, June. HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO CONNECT @DeWittCountyWind 217.937.9189

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