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to kick off 2020

rAJi More
Raji More is a young leader who launched the Little Free Pantry in
west Bloomington in 2016 when she was just shy of 12 years old. She was
moved to act when she heard that over 100 children in McLean County
go to bed hungry every night. Now 15, Raji has organized a group of over
50 youth volunteers to raise, collect and stock the pantry, which is a set of
recycled Pantagraph boxes open 24/7 for those who are in need of food.
Raji mentors two new youth leaders every year who are also passionate
about helping the people who are hungry in our community. She guides
them with leadership skills, making decisions, and completing projects form
start to end for that year. Raji and her team have not limited their work to
stocking the Little Free Pantry. They have recently established a Little Free
Library at the site as well. In addition, her team has organized a book drive
for the West Bloomington Revitalization Project Book Bike, and a coat and
mittens drive for the Giving Fence on West Washington.
Raji has received the YICU award as well as the President’s volunteer service
award. She has also spoken at TEDx Normal about her experiences starting
the Little Free Pantry, and received wide appreciation for her inspirational talk.
iSU is proud to recognize 20 Volunteers in 2020 — and
to recognize five local students annually who give back
to our community with our McLean county full tuition
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