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The Pantagraph Goodfellow Fund provides warm blankets to nursing home residents,
food to homebound seniors, and holiday meals to deserving families. Even the smallest
of contributions make a big impact on the folks who receive these gifts, letting them
know that they are not forgotten. The Pantagraph Goodfellow Fund is funded solely
by generous people like you. Please make your tax-deductible gift today and make a
difference in the lives of your neighbors.
When making your contribution, please include this coupon.
Please type or print clearly

Mail or deliver to:
Pantagraph Media
Goodfellow Fund
P.O Box 680
Bloomington, IL
NOTE: Donations must be received by The Pantagraph no later than noon on December 15 for publication
in the paper prior to Christmas. All remaining donations will appear in the January Goodfellow re-cap.


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