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real estate transfers
2904 Hanover Drive,
Kathleen A. King
to Daniela Galvez,
21 Brandywine Court, No.
21, Richard B. Percy to
Carol Hertter, $120,000.
2301 Revere Road, David
A. and Janet L. Holman
to James Todd and Tanya
L. Gray, $275,000.
804 ½ S. Allin St., Garret
Steward to Mackenzie
Marie Smith and Amanda
Green, $65,000.
1113 E. Olive, Michael A.
and Kathryn A. Marvin
to Elizabeth Anne
Graehling, $229,000.
1202 S. Clayton St., Denna
Satchwell, administrator
of estate of Dennis
R. Wallen, to Al-bert
Klauzer, $60,000.
1012 E. Washington St.,
Maretta T. Clem to Parker
Brown, $105,000.
1116 Elmwood Road,
Normal House to Scott
A. Woodward, $430,000.
1718 Wildwood Road,
Eugene and Elodia J.
Collier to Jessica R.
Brooks, $115,500.
1906 Hedgewood Drive,
ERCL Holdings to Clay
Elliott and Amanda Lee
Bergus, $299,000.

3507 Connie Kay Way,
Sherri Shannon to Brett
M. and Melissa Ann.
Papoccia, $316,900.

These McLean County real estate transfers were filed in the office of the
McLean County Recorder of Deeds, ending Dec. 5, 2020. Sale prices
are those indicated on the real estate transfer declarations.

Gregory Lee Potter and
Victoria Sue Weinberg,
5 Crystal Court, Eric
Schlipf to Penny Patricia
McLain, $150,000.

1302 W. Olive St., Sherry
and Jamie Esparaza
to Tianna Nicholas,

2222 Holbrook Drive,
Donald and Debra
Kay Erwin to Lindsey
Holzhauer, $350,000.

310 N. McLean St.,
209 S. Adelaide St., Eric J.
Pamela A. Rieger,
and Katherine Schuler to
executor, to D & J Earthly
Stephen Lewis Massey,
Properties, $61,500.
212 N. Center St., No. 302,
Consolidated Properties,
1406 Woodbine Road, No.
Series EB, to Paul J.
1, Woodbine Investment 2818 Shepard Road, No.
38 Vermont Ave.,
and Andrea C. Khoury,
1, Leah Cherry to Smriti
Group to Santhana
Catherine V. Weldt to
and Nilesh Srivastava,
Lakshmi Murugan
Colleen Smith, $128,000.
and Vigneshwaran
5107 Francesco Lane,
16007 Belfry Drive,
Marvin E. and Crystal
1706 Blue Spruce Court,
Brookside Farms to
Smith to Suresh
Randy D. and Dawn M.
Trunk Bay Construction,
1001 Wartburg Drive,
Cheepurupalli and
Mattia to Erika Curtis,
Sharon R. Birdwell to
Ashalatha Patnala,
Willie Brown Jr. and
16041 Belfry Drive,
Dorothy M. Brown,
Brookside Farms to
300 Northridge Estate
Trunk Bay Construction, 1414 Challis Drive, Ryan
CC Court, Luke S.
S. Miller to Ashleigh
and Karen M. Filosa to
Rae Lynn Feger and Eli
Christopher Michael and
1525 N. Veterans
Mundy, $113,000.
Elizabeth Ott,
Parkway, Bond Drug
Sorenson and Lau-ren E.
Co. of Illinois to WBA
1609 E. Washington
Schuster, $146,500.
Portfolio Owner NLP GalSt., Brett A. and
2000 N. Linden St.,
axy, $4,635,000.
Dominno Fogle to Maria 608 E. Monroe St.,
Ironwood Apartments
Segobiano, $305,000.
Laramie Investments to
to Ironwood Gardens,
Parcel Nos. 21-05-254Daniel Melick, $119,500.
012, 21-05-277-009, 21- 52 Winding Way, Fox
05-253-031, R.P. Lumber
Creek Village to Martin
4018 Bluebell Drive,
292 Shepard Road, Ronald
Co. to JKC Real Estate
Brandy and Benjamin
and Lisa Haas, $218,365.
Investments, $205,000.
L. and Marcia L. Jacob,
Antoline to Melvin L.
trustees, to Bharat and
Campbell II, $144,000.
15940 Quail Hollow Court,
401 Lake Shore Circle,
Hiral Patel, $244,900.
Mark A. and Laura A.
Ryan David Engle,
2614 Hall Court, William C.
Kosinski to John W.
executor, to Hayden and
Thiel, trustee, to Eugene 1325 Lismore Lane,
and Tara E. Braucht,
Alyssa Ford, $205,000.
and Elodia J. Collier,
Megan Kay Feil to
Cynthia Evans, $200,000.
2512 Piney Run, Theodore
M. Powell to Robert and 22 Geneva Court, Mark
718 Angela Drive, Ellen
D. Newberry to Cody
Ivy Mackowiak, trustees,
Blanshan, John Uchytil,
Wheatley, $139,000.
1302 Ogelthorpe Ave.,
Susan Burge and Molly
Tracey and Darrell D.
Wuethrich to Daniel
717 W. Taylor St., Tracey
1306 S. Madison St.,
Stiennen to Ryan Steider,
and Hannah Rojahn,
Siems to Tiffany Ariel
Carol Lea Prochnow by
Burton, $90,000.
Troy McBurney, POA, to
2101 Sinclair Court,
Myoung Jin Kim and
Jiyoung Jung to Ankur
and Gitanjali Arora,


903 Dillon Drive, Tyler D.
and Kristin Swearingen
to Matthew and
Jacqueline Hermes,
2233 Holbrook Drive, Lynn
D. and Marjorie J. Rapp
to William J. and Carol
K. Holstine, trustees,
3483 Enclave Way,
Margaret M. Chipman
to Bibhu Prasad Dash
and Sunanda K. Panda,
1303 Chadwick Drive,
Vickie B. May to Jessica
Flessner, $167,500.
901 Franklin Ave., Shawn
Cooper, trustee, to TFI,
902 Crestline, Dale Singer
and Sherry Sanden
to Scott and Taylor
Wiscons, $224,000.
1117 Travertine Road,
Perry and Kelly Schoon
to Eric and Danielle
Sieben, $425,000.
811 Karin Drive, Patrick
Spencer to Oric Perry,
131 Eastview Drive, John
W. and Tara E. Braucht to
Luke Degraaf, $141,000.
1609 Windsage CC Court,
Tamara J. Degroot
to Gerald Moews,