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• Newest case of history repeating itself … again!

Nearly 40 years after a headline in this very newspaper — "Oblong Man Marries Normal Woman" — became world famous (that couple lives in Oregon now), another pair (Elizabeth Guth, of Normal, and Gabriel Madlem, of Oblong) have announced plans to marry.

The newest historic date for the next round of oddly hilarious regional proportions is Dec. 22.

• Latest double-take

When Bonnie Thompson, of Bloomington, pulled into a convenience store lot recently, she looked over to notice (1) the vehicle parked in a fire lane and (2) perhaps it was because who appeared to be the vehicle’s driver (a dog) hadn’t learned to read warning signs on walls yet.

• Funniest menu item

On the menu at Mo Dailey’s Pub & Grill, in the Norwood Park area on Chicago’s northwest side, is a new sandwich entrée— it’s the “Governor’s Cell Mate.”

In wake of George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich, it’s Swiss cheese, corned beef and kraut, living together in a tiny 8-by-10-foot bun.

OK, we may be wrong about the bun dimensions …

• Oddest location

A designated smoking area at Heartland Community College is just outside the fitness and recreation center.

• Six More Fun Places To Visit, If Only For Their Names

(As offered by the readers)

Cow Creek, W.Va.

Boogertown, N.C.

Lizard Lick, N.C.

Deaf Smith County, Texas.

Climax, Mich.

Toad Suck Park, in Toad Suck, Ark.

• Funniest half-blocked sign

Morris Tick Scrap is, of course, a longtime, popular, final resting place in Bloomington for used metals, rusty scrap and olden things like old cars and trucks.

In a positive kind of way, it’s — OK, please pardon us — crap.

That’s also what got Joy Blunier, of Normal, to laugh the other day when she passed the building and, with a pole blocking part of the business, noticed how it read on the wall from the street.

• Latest innocent oops!

Other evening, during a discussion of deficit spending at a board of education meeting in the Roanoke-Benson school district, one official was quoted as saying, “We’re probably gonna have to steal from working cash.”

It was probably not a good word choice.

The school district has been in recent headlines after a bookkeeper was accused of misappropriating funds.

• Best Name Club

Alex Van Hoof. She is on Bloomington Central Catholic's cross country team.

Christine Hurt. She is a lawyer and professor in the College of Law at the University of Illinois

Darren Tee. He’s girls’ golf coach at Champaign Centennial.

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