Flick: Can’t those cicadas ever just shut up?

Flick: Can’t those cicadas ever just shut up?

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Kids Say The Darnedest Things, Part 13,839: The cicadas seem especially loud this year, a fact not missed by anyone.

Mila Sajovec, as an example, is a 10-year-old in Normal who was so annoyed by the sound the other eve that she asked her mother, Sarah, just why they make that noise.

Like any good mom, Sarah explained it’s part of the cicada life cycle and is actually a love song of sorts for cicadas to find a mate.

After a moment, Mila replied:

"Well, once they find a mate, do they shut up?"

Free parking … but: With rank comes privilege, but sometimes that's malarkey in other eyes, too.

For instance, the lot across from Government Center in downtown Bloomington recently had its public parking spots blocked off so McLean County Board members would have a close place to park their cars on meeting day.

Or, as County Clerk Kathy Michael later put it on Facebook: "I respect (the county board) but this move to block the public from parking isn't very popular. As the first customer coming into our office this morning said to us, 'What? County board members don't have legs?' "

This just in: Did you see the story about Voyager I, the unmanned spacecraft launched in 1977 that is still in space and 36 years after leaving Earth, has now flown past Pluto, escaped the solar system and begun flight into “deep space“ where, according to NASA, “we have no idea what, or maybe even whom, to expect next.”

Or as one civic wag in Bloomington put it last week: “I don’t even think Dan Brady has been spotted there yet.”

Brady, of course, is the Bloomington state rep famous for somehow being seen at almost every conceivable public event …

No early release: It is, as they say, everyone's civic duty to serve on a jury.

But one McLean County citizen got a notice to appear the other day and — following the orders he got in the mail — dutifully showed up at his designated time and patiently sat for three hours waiting to be interviewed.

It was Jason Chambers.

He is McLean County state’s attorney.

“I knew from the start I couldn’t be seated because I am a party in each criminal case,” said Chambers. “However, I thought it was important for me to go through the process. That way, when friends call and ask if I know how they can get out of jury duty, I can say, ‘Sorry, everyone goes through it … even me.’"

Great balls of fire! So if you believe the National UFO Reporting Center (www.nuforc.org /webreports/ndxe201308.html) in Washington, on Aug. 30 we apparently had more than just house guests visiting for Labor Day weekend.

For five minutes, Bloomington had a UFO.

Aliens apparently travel on holiday weekends, too.

Hollywood is a long way from Normal, but … Premiering on NBC next week will be the comedy, "Sean Saves The World," that stars "Will & Grace" alum Sean Hayes and also will give the production company he shares with a pal, Todd Milliner, its fifth show on network TV.

As an ink-heavy headline in Hollywood Reporter last week asked: "When Did Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner Take Over TV?"

Perhaps lesser known to TV, the world and maybe even some in Bloomington-Normal: Not only is Hayes an Illinois State University alum but so is Milliner, two Chicago-area students who didn't know each other until they met one afternoon back in 1990 at ISU’s Fine Arts Building and eventually became great buds in post-graduate business, too.

Not only is Sean now saving the world, he and Milliner (“Sean Saves The World,” “Grimm,” “Hollywood Game Night,” “Hot In Cleveland,” and “The Soul Man”) are apparently conquering it, too.

Bill Flick is at flick@pantagraph.com


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