Our April listings, as offered by the readers and your own resident Flick Lite boy:

Latest example of inflation

As baseball begins another season, Phil Anderson of Minier, a Chicago White Sox fan, has also found some World Series tickets he bought back in 1967.

The White Sox didn't make the Series that year (it was St. Louis vs. Boston), but they were close enough to print tickets.

What price inflation? The cost of a World Series seat in 1967 was $8. According to CNN, the average cost of a World Series seat in 2018 was $1,863 — a 233-fold increase.

Latest TV ad to make you think

In a car insurance ad that features Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley in a moving recreational vehicle … they aren’t wearing seatbelts!

Best license plate 

As spotted along U.S. 51, near Forsyth:


Latest greatest obituary

From the recent death notice of Tim Schrandt, 63, most recently of Spillville, Iowa:

“Tim was in charge of getting the beer and ice for our family reunions, so those who entered heaven before him will be happy to see him.

"Tim worked with many friends and 'a bunch of morons' — his words, not ours ... well not exactly his words, because that would have included a bunch of swear words.

“If you are wondering if you ever met Tim, you didn't — because you WOULD remember.

“Tim was ready to meet his Maker, but we're just not sure 'The Maker' is ready to meet Tim.

“Good luck, God!”

Best Name Club

  • Jordan Jumper. She's a hurdler on the Illinois Wesleyan University women’s track team.
  • Emily Thrower. A pitcher from Collinsville, Ala., who recently opposed Bloomington Central Catholic High’s softball team.
  • Danielle Outlaw. She's chief of police in Portland, Ore.
  • Rob Banks. A police officer in Somerset, Mass. 
  • Lt. Les McBurney. A firefighter in Sun Prairie, Wis.

Newest out

In an age when shopping malls are struggling and stores are going out, at Bloomington’s Eastland Mall, even the lights began doing that. Part of the mall's main "EAST...D MALL" sign went out this month.

Newest oxymoron

In a town called Frostproof, Fla., is an ice cream shop called Frost-Bite. "Delicious ice cream," suggests Becky Mentzer, "but the names sort of cancel each other out."

Latest not-particularly-healthy-but-sounds-delicious street names

In Thomasville, Ga., is Eggs and Butter Road.

Just up the way, in Hamilton, Ga., is Lick Skillet Road. 

Never too late honorarium

Michael Escoubas is a Bloomington man who has written a full-length book of poems ("Monet in Poetry and Paint"), is an editor and book reviewer for the national Quill and Parchment Poetry Journal, has won awards, is a contributing poet for B-N’s Limited magazine and an inspiration for anyone thinking it's too late in life to begin something new.

Escoubas did not begin writing poetry for publication until age 66.

He's 71 now.

More Fun Places To Visit, If Only For Their Names

As offered by the readers:

  • Nimrod, Ore. 
  • Waterproof, La. 
  • Humptulips, Wash.
  • Gimlet, Ky. 

Latest greatest headline

As it appeared recently in one area newspaper:

“Congressional committee

could eventually grill President”

Medium or well-done?

Newest unexpected find at a bookstore

While browsing recently at a bookstore in Lexington, Ky., Terri Ryburn of Normal found among the stacks one classification label she was not expecting:


“You probably won’t find this category at Barnes & Noble,” says Terri.

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Our April board of contributors: Bob Troutt, Clinton; Virginia Lowery, Towanda; Phil Anderson, Minier; Karen Coughlin, Danvers; Suz Jordan, Atlanta; Bob Bradley, Doug Peppers, Becky Mentzer, Jerry Turley, Bruce Yentes and Michael Escoubas, Bloomington; Terri Ryburn, Roger Miller, Cathy Ferme and Roger Hughes, Normal; Lee Templeton, Palmview, Texas; Ryan Southwood, Burbank, Calif.

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