Ed Asner

Actor Ed Asner, center, waits for his flight to B-N with two others doing the same, Kevin and Amy Arnold, of Normal.

Any good marriage starts, of course, with love, togetherness and unforgettable honeymoon memories, and Jeni and Tom Dibble will not forget theirs.

Their hotel lost all power on their second night, a Sunday. Then the hotel generators blew out. They lugged water up five stories, so they had a toilet that could flush. 

The hotel eventually ran out food, then water.

When by Tuesday they tried to leave their room to try to get food or water elsewhere, they were ordered back by the military, for their own safety.

At one point they hunkered in their bathtub and wedged all their room furniture against the glass balcony doors, to keep them from blowing in. (A photo of the scene can be found at www.pantagraph.com/blogs/flick.)

When rations ran out and they still had, as Jeni puts it, "two precious bottles of water," they locked them in the room safe, after being warned that locals or other guests might begin storming rooms.

Finally by Day 6, grouped with another couple, they commandeered, as protection, a couple broomsticks and several butter knives from a maid's closet and convinced a driver ("$100 of convincing, in fact") to get them to the airport.

Yes, you might have heard of the recent horrendous damage to the resort area in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, caused by Hurricane Odile.

If you need a first-hand report, Jeni (Nussbaum) and Tom Dibble of Normal can offer one, as they now acclimate themselves to just regular married life and such modern conveniences as electricity, food, water and butter knives as only table decorum. 

"An unforgettable honeymoon!" says Jeni. "Hopefully we'll have a re-do is in our near future!"

Won't be Cabo.

Today's deep thought

As mulled by Rick Whitacre of Hudson: “At the supermarket the other day to get some toothpaste, it struck me that every brand now has several different types — one to whiten, one to prevent decay, one to promote gum health, one to aid enamel. Can it be that difficult to include all of those benefits in a single tube? Do consumers really want to give up fighting tooth decay just to have whiter teeth?"

Actor in B-N

Those hundreds of canceled flights that caused hours of airport-sitting last week in wake of an arson inside an air-traffic control center near O'Hare proved beneficial for folks who wiled away their time chatting with others in the same predicament. 

One of those at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, calmly sitting in a wheeled chair while waiting for his flight to Bloomington-Normal, was a guy drawing stares from fellow waiting sorts who wondered if that could possibly be "Lou Grant" from the 1970s CBS classic, or more recently, Santa Claus in the popular movie, "Elf."

Yup. Ed Asner was "very friendly," according to those who chatted with him. Asner, now 84 and walking with the aid of a cane, explained he was flying to Bloomington, then to Champaign to film an infomercial at a film production company there.

Two days later, Ed Asner was back at CIRA where his flight was on time. 

Stark reminder

So CBS’ top-rated “The Good Wife” is becoming a “Good Gig” for Nathan Adams Stark.

A 2008 grad of Normal West, Stark has developed a recurring role on the popular Sunday night show.

Word is, Episode 4 (tentatively Oct. 12) might be your next chance to catch a glimpse of Nathan, affectionately still referred to in these parts as the Good Son of Lori Adams and John Stark of Normal.

Oh how things change

Together the other day, in a campaign appearance in Bloomington to encourage "Illinois baby boomers to get out and vote," were Ann Callis, a former chief judge and Democratic challenger running for Congress, and Jon “Bowzer” Bauman,  star of the hugely popular '50s singing group, "Sha Na Na" and also that '50s-teens-coming of-age movie classic, "Grease."

Yes, a former teenage rebel-type is now hitting the campaign trail with political candidates to encourage seniors to vote.

My, what a juxtaposition of the times …

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