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Reedy: Learning to love where you are now

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During this long winter, I have often wished to be any place other than here right now.

I know I’m not alone in being done with negative-degree days, snow that keeps falling, and oh yes, the snow day after snow day.

When I find myself wishing away the moments, longing to be somewhere else, I find it so easy to simply check out. For me, checking out looks like logging onto Facebook for the bazillionth time today or refreshing my email over and over hoping someone is sending me the news that I’ve won a free trip to a sunny place.

In those moments I find it hard to change my outlook from escape mode to contentment, but really that’s what loving this moment, this now, is about: Contentment.

This “now” isn’t going to happen again. There may be a sense of “thank goodness” in that, but at the same time this moment is part of life that will shape the future.

This “now” is the one I could be looking back on and wishing for. There will be a day when the news of a snow day doesn’t impact my schedule in the least. Quiet will still rule in the house, and everything will remain picked up and put away. Can you count the number of times someone, usually an older, kind woman, has stopped you to tell you how fast time goes? Those encouragements usually happen while I’m wrangling my kids through the checkout line, but I know the words are true.

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Yes, this is the “now” to embrace. These long days of being together. The ones when our kids bicker, interrupt our plans with pleas for more hot chocolate and to play one more game of Hungry Hippos. This “now” is called life. This is it, and whether I embrace it with all of its craziness and silliness or wish it away determines my level of contentment.

Loving this “now” is a choice.

Will you join me in the challenge of not taking the escape route out of “now”? Let’s agree to resist the temptation to mentally escape. Let’s engage ourselves in this moment, this mess, this noise, even this awful winter, and love our “now.”

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