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Some women are tired of watching beer ad after beer ad during the Super Bowl, so they’ve sent advertisers a message: We spend more than men.

Nearly 43 percent of television viewers of last year’s big game were women between the ages 18 and 49, according to ACNielsen.

Still, 80 percent of them feel ignored by advertisers during the Super Bowl, according to a survey by the Marketing to Moms Coalition, a national organization founded by women and several companies, including State Farm Insurance Cos.

“It would broaden the advertisers’ audience if they would show something besides beer and half-naked women,” said Carol Conley of Normal’s Hearts at Home, a non-profit group dedicated to meeting the needs of mothers at home. “Women are probably the ones who will be doing the most shopping for the advertised products anyway.”

According to the Marketing to Moms Coalition, women do make up one of the larger consumer groups in the country because they buy for themselves, their children, their husbands, and oftentimes, their places of business.

Others question the survey results, saying the women surveyed probably had little interest in the game and just watched for the commercials.

“If I saw commercials for women during the Super Bowl, I would think it was kind of odd,” said Kim Caczalet of Bloomington. “I’m amused by the same advertisements that my husband thinks are funny. I tune in to watch the game. The commercials are just a fun part of it.”

Others just want commercials to be centered on everyone, men and women.

“Sometimes, if I’m not interested in the teams, I’ll watch the ads. I’m not up for any show that has feminine products or male-enhancement products. That just doesn’t belong anywhere,” said Jan Kwasigroh of Normal.

She just wants advertisers to tone down the sexual innuendo. Everything else is fine.

“I don’t drink, but I think the beer commercials are funny,” she said.

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