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 BLOOMINGTON - Four Seasons II fitness club in Bloomington doubled its workout space and cardiovascular equipment just in time to handle all those New Year's resolutions. The private facility, 2401 Airport Road, reopens today after a brief closure to wrap up a nine-month construction project. It expects a boost in membership to complement the 15,000-square-foot addition and upgrades still to come in February.

"Monday will be our busiest day, right after New Year's (Day)," General Manager Jeff Leverton said of people's desire to lose weight after the holidays. "People used to only last a couple months or even a couple weeks, but people are sticking to it now."

The Four Seasons Association, which has another Bloomington facility at 904 Four Seasons Club Road, can handle the expected increase in membership at its Airport Road location. It more than doubled its cardiovascular equipment from 30 machines to 70, each with its own mounted television screen.

"Now with 70 machines, we shouldn't have people waiting for equipment," Leverton said. "It really added more space for our free-weight room too."

The expansion also includes three more fitness-training classrooms. The facility had two before, and many of the classes were booked solid, he said. Each class can handle 20 to 25 people.

"We had waiting lists for those classes, so this was a priority for us," Leverton said.

For the most part, classes will center on the same strengthening, conditioning and yoga activities, but Leverton said boxing and kickboxing training are a possibility, too. He plans to add speed bags and body bags to an open room on the second level.

He also plans to hire more customer service personnel, supervisors and fitness trainers.

Members still may notice some construction at the Airport Road location. In late February, the facility will also open an expanded child care facility, a juice bar serving protein bars and smoothies, a bicycling room, a community room for use by sponsors and a smaller weightlifting room off the facility's beaten path.

"It's an area where someone who's uncomfortable with the main area can come up and have more privacy and learn how to use the equipment," Leverton said of the weightlifting room. "It's really for beginners to get accustomed to the machines and the workout."

When those projects are complete in February, Leverton will shift his focus to three more projects planned for the decade ahead “ an indoor, 4-foot-deep lap pool, an indoor recreation pool with slides, and another building with three basketball courts and a 1/9-mile track.

If all goes through, the total expansion, including the upgrades available today, would total 32,000 square feet.

The next phase of construction would be the basketball courts and track, but Leverton hasn't set a firm timeline on anything.

"The long-range plan is to try to do something every three or four years, but right now, we don't know when Phase 2 is going to start," he said. "If membership doesn't grow, we're not going to grow."


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