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NORMAL - Officials at Main Street Bank & Trust are excited about the improved technology at their new branch in uptown Normal.

The $1.2 million bank at 201 E. College Ave. opened Monday. It moved from a temporary location at 101 E. Mulberry St. It had been there since February 2006, after moving out of its former location at 301 Beaufort St. to make room for the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center.

"The trailer got to be like our home, but we're really happy to be in a bigger building, more high-tech," said Branch Manager Jackie Barnes.

The uptown Normal office is the first Main Street Bank & Trust to have a cash dispenser and two cash recyclers for its tellers, said Todd Anderson, vice president of retail banking.

The lobby cash recyclers identify bills, look for counterfeit money and count money. They can take deposits or dispense cash, while the cash dispenser gives out money for drive-through customers, Anderson said. The machines will ultimately help provide faster service for clients.

"Counting cash takes longer than anything else … This will really help reduce that time," he said.

The 2,500 square foot bank is about half of the size of the main branch on Veterans Parkway and the former building at Beaufort and Broadway, Anderson said. The location is smaller because the bank moved its headquarters from the former uptown Normal location to the Veterans Parkway site, so it didn't need as much space.

Even though the size of the building decreased, Main Street wanted to keep a location in uptown Normal, close to the businesses and Illinois State University, Anderson said.

Generally, about 10 to 15 percent of the bank's business comes from ISU students, he said. Main Street lost some of their business during the transition period, but Anderson and Barnes hope the new location will bring those people back.

"We plan to do a lot with the students coming back this fall … We want them to know we still want their business," Barnes said.

The new bank building offers all of the same services, including deposits, loans and lines of credit, as the old bank. It has three drive-through lanes, including a new drive-through ATM. The bank also has a walk-up ATM machine.


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