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GOODFIELD - Residents will be given the opportunity to vote in the Nov. 6 election whether to allow alcohol sales within the village limits.

Local businesses and supporters of economic growth in the village are at the heart of the referendum that could mean the end of a long “dry” spell for the town.

In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt led legislation to repeal the Prohibition of Alcohol sales, but every town, city and village got to choose if they would allow or prohibit the sale of alcohol. Goodfield is one of the few towns in Woodford County that has remained dry.

Goodfield is a ripe location for businesses wanting to locate along the Interstate 74 corridor, but some businesses include the sale of alcohol as a viable part of their retail sales. Some of those businesses are reluctant to locate in communities where the sale of alcohol is allowed. Others may locate there, but are hampered by the lack of opportunity for more retail activity.

The referendum question reads: “Shall the prohibition of the sale at retail of alcoholic liquor be continued in the Village of Goodfield?” Voters will have to mark “No” on their ballots if they want the prohibition to end, which could be confusing in the voting booth.

A group of citizens who originally petitioned the village board to put the issue on the ballot are spreading the slogan “Vote NO to GROW,” so voters will be clear on which box to vote to end prohibition. Supporters say repealing prohibition could result in the growth of new businesses in the community.

If prohibition is lifted, it will be up to the village board to decide how many and what types of liquor licenses will be available, along with setting fees, times of sale and procedures related to liquor sales. A set of ordinances would be created to regulate sales. The board would likely issue licenses annually and have the right to revoke them for infringements.

Voting no on the referendum will end the prohibition of the sale of alcohol while voting yes will continue to keep the town dry.

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