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5 beer snacks you can make at home to impress your drinking buddies

Beer without snacks is like tentacles without suction cups. Here are some simple suggestions that will make your guests know they are welcome: Read more

New doc trails chef Ducasse on global quest for new flavors

NEW YORK (AP) — A new documentary depicts the constant travels of French super-chef Alain Ducasse, who crisscrosses the globe as he samples new flavors for his always-expanding food empire. Read more

Fiber optics? Range of ingredients bulk up food fiber counts

NEW YORK (AP) — Are the fiber counts for foods getting bloated? Read more

McDonald's to switch to paper straws in U.K., Ireland

NEW YORK (AP) — McDonald's said Friday it will switch to paper straws at all its locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and test an alternative to plastic ones in some of its U.S. restaurants later this year. Read more

AP Investigation: Fish billed as local isn't always local

MONTAUK, N.Y. (AP) — Even after winter storms left East Coast harbors thick with ice, some of the country's top chefs and trendy restaurants were offering sushi-grade tuna supposedly pulled in fresh off the coast of New York. Read more

Marking Tabasco's 150th birthday with a tour of Avery Island

AVERY ISLAND, La. (AP) — One of the world's most famous condiments, Tabasco, celebrates its 150th birthday this year. Read more

Smith: Fishing for a healthier heart

Salmon is a fish that tastes delicious during any time of year, but for some reason it tastes just a little better when warm weather approa… Read more

11 easy-drinking, refreshing — and, yes, crushable — beers of summer

Beer is a year-round joy, of course, but it's no accident that the sweltering summer months are the industry's sales engine. Cold beer and … Read more

'Big Mac index': How many Big Macs will $50 get you around the world?

Ever wonder how many Big Macs $50 could get you in China? What about Brazil? Wonder no more. Here's a look at the "Big Mac index" for more … Read more

These are the best cities in the US to take a 'beercation'

Are you planning a vacation? Do you like beer? If you answered yes to both, a "beercation" might be exactly what you need. Read more


Peace Meals 6/18/18

The Peace Meal Nutrition Program offers a noon meal Monday through Friday for people age 60 and older at various McLean County and DeWitt C… Read more

Yelp shuts down teachers' account sharing student reviews

BOSTON (AP) — Yelp is shutting down accounts used by a Boston teacher to post rave restaurant reviews written by her third-grade students. Read more

Kellogg recalls Honey Smacks because of salmonella potential

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) — The Kellogg Company is voluntarily recalling some of its Honey Smacks cereal after salmonella infected 73 people in 31 states. Read more

Long season helps make Vermont top maple syrup producer

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont's longer-than-average maple season helped make it the nation's largest producer of maple syrup, yielding 1.9 million gallons of the sweet stuff this year. Read more

Alaska's Copper River sees low commercial salmon harvest

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The commercial salmon harvest in Alaska's Copper River is so far the second lowest in 50 years, state officials said. Read more