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This ground-breaking study could change breast cancer treatment forever

A ground-breaking breast cancer study suggests that many patients can skip chemotherapy and still beat the disease. Read more

As some airline seats get bigger, experts caution against 'fat shaming and bias'

With passengers on some United Airlines flights poised to get more seating room, health experts caution against shaming people for their size, as obesity continues to be chronic health condition for much of the U.S. population. Read more

NASA To Boldly Go Where No Agency Has Gone Before: The Sun

IWU gets grant for gerontology course, internships

BLOOMINGTON — A new course in gerontology and end-of-life care plus paid summer internships for undergraduates interested in health science… Read more

In-home care options for Central Illinois people

Look at local, professional care & support options for a parent, spouse or family member who ne…

Central Illinois people no longer have to clean their gutters

Skip gutter cleaning this summer.

The finest destination for exceptional sleep in your Central Illinois home

Enjoy plush comfort with our patent-pending support system which actively contours and cradles your…


University of Illinois at Springfield supporting runners crossing country for charity

SPRINGFIELD — Nineteen students left San Francisco on June 17 on a 4,000-plus mile cross-country run to Baltimore. They slept in beds for the first time Thursday night. Read more

California’s ACA Rates To Rise 8.7% Next Year

The average increase in California is smaller than the double-digit hikes expected around the nation, due largely to a healthier mix of enrollees and more competition in its marketplace. Still, health insurance prices keep growing faster than wages and general inflation. Read more

Lincoln nursing home cited for alleged preventable death

BLOOMINGTON — The Christian Village nursing home in Lincoln has been cited with an AA violation and fined $50,000 by the Illinois Departmen… Read more


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10 great Father's Day gifts for all kinds of dads

You could go with a classic tie or "World's Best Dad" mug, but why not step your Father's Day game up a bit? These 10 gift ideas have a lit… Read more

5 effective (and free) online workouts you can do at home

Whether you're not into expensive trendy fitness classes or just don't feel like leaving your house to get a good workout, here's a look at… Read more

Which candies pack the most sugar?

While it's unlikely that candy will ever be classified as healthy fare, some confections have a lot more sugar jam-packed into their bright… Read more

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Connections between fibromyalgia and diet

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by widespread pain and tenderness throughout the body. Other common symptoms include sleep difficulties, fatigue, depression, anxiety, cognition and memory problems, migraine headaches, and digestive problems. A significant percentage of... Read more

The Medicine Cabinet: Ask the Harvard Experts: Relief for carpal tunnel syndrome

Q: I get numbness and tingling in the fingers. Does that sound like carpal tunnel syndrome? A: You probably have made the right self-diagnosis. Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Impaired sleep over many years may be a risk factor for some forms of dementia

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is it true that sleep deprivation eventually could lead to Alzheimer's disease? ANSWER: There have been a number of studies looking at the effect of sleep on disorders that impair cognitive function, such as Alzheimer's disease. Although no research has shown a clear link between... Read more


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