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Ten years and eight films: A Harry Potter trivia quiz

Ten years and eight films: A Harry Potter trivia quiz

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Harry Potter poster

A section of the iconic poster for "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," the first film in the Harry Potter series, released in November 2001. Ten years later, the series' eighth and final film, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," hits theaters at midnight.

OK, students, you’ve had 10 years to cram … now it’s time to put your “Harry Potter” film knowledge to use by taking GO!’s Hogwarts ACT Exam.

We repeat: your film knowledge.

All of the 20 questions and are tied to the screen adaptations of J.K. Rowlings’ books, and not the books themselves.

That’s another quiz for another decade.

If you must, the cheat sheet is at the end the test. Now, prove yourself magical, not Muggle:

• • •

1.) Godric Gryffindor is:

a.) one of the founders of Hogwarts; b.) one of the losers of Hogwarts; c.) one of the lovers of Minerva McGonagall; d.) one of the alter-egos of Draco Malfoy.


2.) The Sorcerer’s Stone (aka the books’ far less sexy-sounding Philosopher’s Stone) can:

a.) cure Hogwarts and Voldemorts; b.) turn any metal into pure gold; c.) produce a tasty elixir whose after-effect is immortality; d.) win you a game of Quidditch.


3.) If your nickname is Wormtail, you must be:

a.) Grima Wormtongue’s “weird cousin” from over in Rohan; b.) eating too much Flobberworm (see next question); c.) feeling poorly; d.) Peter Pettigrew.


4.) True or false: Flobberworms are better kept dead than alive.


5.) Why would Hermione Granger probably have nicer teeth than you and me?


6.) He plays games for keeps. Whose function in “Harry Potter” life is embedded within that statement?

a.) Helga Hufflepuff; b.) Igor Karkaroff; c.) Rubeus Hagrid; d.) Euan Abercrombie.


7.) Minions and followers of Lord Voldemort are known as:

a.) prisoners of Azkaban; b.) Dementors; c.) dragon dung; d.) Death Eaters


8.) If you were sent down to the corner drugstore for a wizard’s favorite blue-hued sweet, it would probably be … what?


9.) If you were approached at Hogwarts by a fellow student or colleague and greeted with the school motto, “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus,” they’d really be advising that you:

a.) never tickle a sleeping dragon; b.) never hijack a hungry Hobbitt; c.) never itch an angry Flobberworm; d.) never give a sucker an even break.


10.) What is the fastest degree of separation separating the “Harry Potter” films from Bloomington-Normal? (Answer open to negotiation)


11.) True or false: The Chamber of Secrets is the concealed room created by Salazar Slytherin to store unused Muggles.


12.) If someone zaps you with an “avada kedavra” you’d better look for a cure quick, cuz it will:

a.) kill you; b.) hurt you; c.) blight you d.) make you regret you ever got out of bed.


13.) In a game of Quidditch, there are seven players: three Chasers, one Keeper, two Beaters and … who’s left?


14.) True or false: Ron Weasley has a pet gerbil called Scabbers.


15.) Lord Voldemort is so evil that just to speak his name is trouble. Better that you reference him as:

a.) dude with no nose; b.) He Who Must Not Be Named; c.) He Who Must Not Be Discussed in Polite Company; d.) He Who Must ... ah, never mind.


16.) If you have a Norwegian Ridgeback out back in the pasture, you have, besides your hands full, a … what?


17.) If you have a pet Peeves at Hogwarts, you have:

a.) a poltergeist on a leash; b.) your hands full (very much a la No. 16); c.) an heir transparent; d.) a fan of the Chaos Theory


18.) What is the series’ favorite forget-me-not?


19.) Prof. Minerva McGonagall teaches:

a.) home-ec for sorceresses; b.) transportation; c.) transfiguration; d.) transcendental meditation


20.) If you find an Aragog in your closet, you better:

a.) call the Orkin man, the really big one; b.) see if Shelob changed her address; c.) grab that extra-large can of Raid in the pantry if you can do it before you’re reduced to a husk; d.) pray you’re just dreaming.


1.) a; 2.) b and c; 3.) d; 4.) false; they have to be kept alive to pass the Care for Magical Creatures course at Hogwarts; 5.) her parents are dentists; 6.) Rubeus Hagrid, Hogwarts’ gamekeeper; 7.) d; 8.) Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum, what else?; 9.) a; 10.) Chris Columbus, who directed the first two “Harry Potter” films, 10 years earlier directed “Only the Lonely,” co-starring IWU theater alum Kevin Dunn; 11.) false; Slytherin created it to store an unknown horror that could only be freed by his true heir; 12.) all of the above; 13.) one lonely Seeker; 14.) a pet rat, actually (eeuu, Ron); 15.) b (well, officially); 16.) one of Hagrid’s big ol’ dragons; 17.) all of the above; 18.) the Remembrall, a magical sphere around the size of a marble, filled with white smoke that runs red to remind you that there’s something you forgot to do; 19.) c; 20.) all of the above, and more (since Aragog is a giant spider)


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