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The Bottle Rockets are scheduled to perform Friday at The Castle Theatre, Bloomington.

BLOOMINGTON — The country rock band The Bottle Rockets wouldn’t mind if people thought they were going to a concert to see four handsome young guys. However, that is not what they will see.

“It’s a good time if you like country-rock music,” said singer and guitar player Brian Henneman.

“Especially if you don’t need a lot of flash,” said the band’s drummer, Mark Ortmann.

The Bottle Rockets will make a return stop in Bloomington on Friday at The Castle Theatre. The tour will be promote their latest album “Bit Logic” which came out in October. The band has seen a positive response from the fans, although they have taken an alternate route from their past sound.  The Bottle Rockets have been frequent guests of the Castle, last appearing there in 2016. 

“It’s a little bit more country than the past, but they like it more than I thought they would,” Henneman said.

According to Henneman, the band is known more for their big, dirty, loud sounds.

“This one is tight country,” he said.

“But the difference is like afternoon and morning,” Ortmann said. “It is well within the character of the band.”

The Bottle Rockets formed in 1993 in Festus, Mo. Although members have come and gone through the years, Ortmann and Henneman have kept the band going the entire 25 years. The two have performed in bands together since 1981.

The Bottle Rockets have what some define as a Midwestern sound. The band and their management promote the sound as “off-the-beaten-path Americana.”

“You are in the middle, so it is a little bit of everything,” Henneman said. “Little bit of this. A little bit of that.”

The band, which consists of Henneman and Ortmann along with guitarist John Horton and bassist Keith Voegele, have long been known for their blue-collar anthems. Their hits have included “Radar Gun,” “Smokin' 100's Alone” and “Get Down River.” The latest album features the current hit song “Maybe Tomorrow.”

Ortmann and Henneman have promised their Bloomington show will have a mix of fan favorites as well as songs from their new album.

“It’s a reasonably good time, since 1993,” Henneman said. “A little something for everybody.”

“Besides, it’s Friday night,” Ortmann said. “There’s no excuse for anybody not to come.”

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