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This application for exhibit space at the Interstate Center in Bloomington, IL on the dates of January 25, 26, 27, 2019, for Fish & Feather will become a contract between The Pantagraph and the undersigned representative below upon acceptance by management and is based upon the terms set forth below and on the rules and regulations which must be strictly adhered to by exhibitor, their employees and representatives. This contract is deemed binding when the organizer receives the non-refundable payment-in-full and an executed and signed contract.

URL must contain http://, https://, or ftp//

Booth spaces WILL NOT be reserved until the following criterion has been met: Exhibitor application is complete, full payment has been received.

Please Select:

Price: $ 300.00


Price: $ 275.00


*Additional booths may only be reserved in addition to corner and standard booth reservations. You may not reserve an additional booth on its own.

Price: $ 200.00


Price: $ 50.00

Price: $ 100.00

Booth Space
Completed contract

Both the completed contract and payment must be received to secure booth space.

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