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Lane Williams

Lane Williams attempts to pin his Litchfield opponent in the 182-pound weight class. 

LITCHFIELD - GCMS-F wrestling swept all five opponents at the Litchfield Duals last weekend for the second straight year.

Yes, all five. And three of them entered the weekend ranked in the top 16, while GCMS was placed at 21st in the state.

When asked what impressed him the most about this year’s sweep, Falcon coach Josh Carter cited the willingness of his wrestlers "to do whatever was necessary to help the team.”

“Even guys that lost went out and competed well,” he said.

While last year’s sweep featured a roster that didn’t move much, this year’s sweep required some shifting to get the job done.

At least five players wrestled in multiple weight classes, and a few others took turns with similar-sized teammates in certain weights.

“I feel like last year we had our lineup pretty set at this point and didn't have to do a lot of shuffling with our lineup like we did this year,” Carter said. “I told the guys before our first dual that today was not about the individual but about the team and being willing to wrestle whenever and wherever we needed them. I never heard one wrestler complain about wrestling up a weight class or not getting to wrestle in a particular dual. It was a great team effort from all 15 guys we took down to Litchfield.”

A match where that movement stood out the most was against Auburn, which Carter felt was one of the biggest matches of the day.

Senior Lane Williams was asked by Carter to bump up to 182 pounds, a whole 17 points above his weigh-in weight of nearly 165.

“I knew that was going to be a really close dual, and so I asked Lane if he would be willing to bump up to 182 and wrestle their guy who is ranked fifth in the state,” Carter said. “He didn’t hesitate at all.”

Williams wound up losing by just four points, as his team pulled off a 45-33 win over the 16th ranked group.

“It was a gutsy match and one that represented the attitude of our team the whole day,” Carter said.

Overall, the Falcons outscored Roxana 51-27, Porta 49-15, Auburn 45-33, Litchfield 42-33 and Pickneyville 56-6 to move to 7-1 on the season.

Individual summary

Levi Davis won all five of his matches in the 220-pound weight class while garnering two pins in under a minute each.

Lane Williams earned a pin in his normal weight class of 170 and another in the 182 weight class to finish with three total wins.

Tristan Smith went four for four with a 22-second pin, 11-3 win and 8-1 win at 195 pounds, while Key-Shawn Girkin had four wins that included a pin of his own and a 14-4 major decision.

Jacob Horsch earned two pins in under a minute to go along with a 6-5 victory.

Aaron Carter had four wins that included a pin and a 16-4 win.

Alex Rosenbaum won all three of his matches and garnered a pin in 32 seconds.

Jared Trantina, Kyrel Patton and Preston Braaten all had two pins, and Conrad Thomas had a 32 second pin and 7-1 win.

Branden Blanck and Jeremy Smolek earned pins, and Dakota Matthews earned a pin and 15-4 win.


GCMS-F def. Roxana 51-27

182 Huff (Roxana) def. Workman (GCMS-F) 6-2

195 Smith (GCMS-F) pinned Holmes (Roxana) :22

220 Davis (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

285 Robinson (Roxana) pinned Smolek (GCMS-F) :54

106 Katzmarek (Roxana) win by forfeit

113 Mathews (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

120 Blanck (GCMS-F) pinned Akeman (Roxana) 1:38

126 Henseler (Roxana) win by forfeit

132 Horsch (GCMS-F) def. Weirs (Roxana) 6-5

138 Foiles (Roxana) win by forfeit

145 Patton (GCMS-F) pinned Carpenter (Roxana) 2:35

152 Trantina (GCMS-F) pinned Cherry (Roxana) 3:03

160 Girkin (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

170 Carter (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

GCMS-F def. Porta 49-15

195 Smith (GCMS-F) def. Flanders (Porta) 11-3

220 Davis (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

285 Rosenbaum (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

106 Whitehurst (Porta) win by forfeit

113 Matthews (GCMS-F) pinned Burris (Porta) 2:31

120 Nation (Porta) def. Blanck (GCMS-F) 17-11

126 double forfeit

132 Hild (Porta) pinned Horsch (GCMS-F) 3:58

138 Patton (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

145 double forfeit

152 Braaten (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

160 Girkin (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

170 Williams (GCMS-F) def. Minor (Porta) 5-2

182 Workman (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

GCMS-F def. Auburn 45-33

220 Davis (GCMS-F) pinned Graham (Auburn) :39

285 Smolek (GCMS-F) pinned Heren (Auburn) 2:55

106 Maxedon (Auburn) win by forfeit

113 Mayes (Auburn) pinned Matthews (GCMS-F) 4:30

120 Heren (Auburn) pinned Blanck (GCMS-F) 1:48

126 Lopez (Auburn) win by forfeit

132 Horsch (GCMS-F) pinned Landers (Auburn) :58

138 Patton (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

145 Daumbacher (Auburn) win by forfeit

152 Braaten (GCMS-F) pinned Knepler (Auburn) 2:55

160 Girkin (GCMS-F) pinned Elam (Auburn) 3:23

170 Carter (GCMS-F) def. Landers (Auburn) 7-4

182 Patterson (Auburn) def. Williams (GCMS-F) 12-8

195 Smith (GCMS-F) def. Hudspeth (Auburn) DQ (Smith leading 8-1 before the DQ)

GCMSF def. Litchfield 42-33

285 Rosenbaum (GCMS-F) pinned Bone (Litchfield) :32

106 Powell (Litchfield) win by forfeit

113 Matthews (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

120 Davidson (Litchfield) win by forfeit

126 Lee (Litchfield) pinned Blanck (GCMS-F) 1:58

132 Thiessen (Litchfield) def. Horsch (GCMS-F) 4-0

138 Uehling (Litchfield) pinned Patton (GCMS-F) 1:23

145 Kalaher (Litchfield) win by forfeit

152 Braaten (GCMS-F) pinned Ringering (Litchfield) 3:13

160 Girkin (GCMS-F) def. Carlile (Litchfield) 14-4

170 Carter (GCMS-F) pinned Shade (Litchfield) 1:47

182 Williams (GCMS-F) pinned Hancock (Litchfield) 5:15

195 Thomas (GCMS-F) def. Terrell (Litchfield) 7-1

220 Davis (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

GCMSF def. Pickneyville 56-6

106 Castleberry (Pickneyville) win by forfeit

113 Matthews (GCMS-F) def. Nevile (Pickneyville) 15-4

120 double forfeit

126 double forfeit

132 Horsch (GCMS-F) pinned Loos (Pickneyville) :38

138 Patton (GCMS-F) pinned Koster (Pickneyville) 1:09

145 double forfeit

152 Trantina (GCMS-F) pinned Riley (Pickneyville) 1:25

160 Carter (GCMS-F) def. Murphey (Pickneyville) 16-4

170 Williams (GCMS-F) pinned Zelasko (Pickneyville) 1:29

182 Thomas (GCMS-F) pinned Lamke (Pickneyville) :32

195 Smith (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

220 Davis (GCMS-F) pinned Allgire (pickneyville) :48

285 Rosenbaum (GCMS-F) win by forfeit

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