As I prayed about the message God wanted shared today, God immediately responded: “Tell my people: I love them!”

My mind instantly went to modern-day Scripture:

“My Spirit is reaching out to numerous souls even now, and there are many who will respond if you, my people, will bear affirmative testimony of my love and my desires for all to come unto me.” Doctrine & Covenants 153:9b (1978)

Powerful reminder! We’ve all heard that “God is love” (1 John 4:8)… but when “theoretical” love is wrapped with God’s action (reaching out), God’s love becomes much more real!

Too often, church, religion and beliefs separate people into “us vs. them.” We have lost the vision of being a community of God’s created and loved children. Instead we view the world as “those with right answers,” and “everyone else” is wrong. Sad!

In this 1978 message to our world, God addresses all people! God desires all to choose to come to him! You are part of all!

God asks us to share “affirmative testimony.” So today, as God prompted, I proclaim: God loves you!

Prayerfully writing on day 2, God filled in a second part: “My love cannot be earned.”

God’s love for you is unconditional! Nothing you have done or can do will keep God from loving you!

You are God’s child, even when you choose to be separated! “Wandering away” through slow, misleading choices, God loves you. Being lured away by circumstances or people around us, God loves you. Intentionally rebelling, God loves you!

Love is God’s gift to you!

And, God said: “Love is best experienced when it is shared.” We can intellectually agree that “God is love,” but until we choose to enter a long-term, love-based God-relationship, we cannot really experience what God’s love is like! “Love” remains theory.

God invites all to “come to him.” Turn away from habits, people, situations, and beliefs that separate you from God’s true love. Free God from the “Sunday” box, or the “no day” box, where you may have stored him. Allow God’s love to envelop you every day. Offer your love to God through prayer, study, learning, fellowship, relationships, trust, serving, healing and many other love-sharing ways!

As you give your love to God, you will more fully experience God’s love for you. In that journey of love, you will find the Peace of Jesus Christ — a gift above all others!

Bryant is a missionary serving the 28 Community of Christ congregations in the Central and Southern Illinois area. Contact him at BradBryant70@gmail.com.


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