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Children go to school to learn "important things" affecting their entire lives. They encounter the "curriculum" and explore communication and relationships with people.

While growing up, children learn that life is not just about them. They learn about family, friends, neighbors and sharing. They experience the impact of good and poor choices. They start comparing their life journey with that of friends and neighbors, and they ask questions.

Questioning is healthy! Questioning stretches our understanding. Those who stop questioning stop growing!

And so it was that a young mom got a wake-up call when her son asked "Mom, am I a Christian?"

In this boy’s life experience, sharing with friends and schoolmates, he came to understand that some were and some were not Christians. His journey, so far, did not give him the information to understand his role.

So in response to that pointed question, mom realized that she had not provided opportunities to allow her son to make that decision for himself.

Being a Christian is not a label that can be handed down from our parents. The decision and journey to learn about, follow and know the living Jesus is a very personal journey.

Mom’s response to the question was to have the two of them walk to the nearby Community of Christ congregation and begin to explore that question together.

At the same time, this congregation also had been on a prayer journey, asking God’s direction to better find and help seekers in their community. God’s Spirit answered the prayers, guiding them together.

-- Parents: Provide opportunities for your children to learn, study and answer for themselves: "Am I a Christian?" Join them in their learning!

-- Spouses: Provide this opportunity for your partner too. A shared and growing faith can add a powerful foundation to your family relationships.

-- Children and singles: If you don’t know your answer, ask the question! Begin learning from as many sources as possible. And follow the instructions in the Bible’s book of James 1:5 NIV: “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

Use your searching to "gain wisdom" from God, then learn, decide and be blessed by God’s growing presence in your life. In that journey, you will find the peace of Jesus Christ — a gift above all others!

Bryant is a Seventy (missionary) serving the 27 Community of Christ congregations in the Central and Southern Illinois area. Contact him at


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