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Are you ready for spring? The calendar assures us that warmer days will soon be here! Seasons of life, however, are not as clear-cut. It has been said that we all are in one of three places. Either we are currently in a storm; just exiting a storm; or about to enter a storm. Thankfully, God’s word provides hope for better days to come.

Consider the bible character of Job. He had it all: land, servants, and wealth. Then, without warning, adversity struck. He lost everything. Even all 10 of his children were taken when a strong wind blew their house down and swept them all away.

If that were not bad enough, Job also lost his health. Yet, in this midst of his pain, Job made a profound statement of hope. He said, “I know that my redeemer lives…” (Job 19:25). His confession implies that Job had a personal relationship with his redeemer. It is a statement of personal conviction. Job’s confession was full of heartfelt assurance and faith.

A redeemer is “one who repurchases,” and “One who delivers from bondage by paying a ransom.” Job could have said, “I hope my life will turn around.” Yet, he was more confident than that! He believed God would rescue him. He could have referred to God as savior, helper, or friend. Any of those terms would have been appropriate. But Job didn’t speak in those terms. Ultimately, Job knew that he belonged to God. He understood that he needed to be purchased back. He was aware that sin had interrupted his relationship with his creator. And, he was confident that God — the one who could buy him back — would redeem him. Can you say with Job, “I know that my redeemer lives”?

Jesus Christ is the redeemer to whom Job referred, through eyes of faith. Through his sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus has repurchased everyone who places their faith and trust in our triune God. Jesus has set his followers free from bondage to sin and death by paying their ransom with his own sinless blood. The bible says, “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23). That promise is as sure as springtime!

Killingsworth is pastor at College Avenue Baptist Church, Normal. Contact him at