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Our March listings, as offered by the readers and your own resident Flick Lite Boy:

Most amusing irony

After a season of field-goal kicking problems for the Chicago Bears, capped in the NFL playoffs by a last-second field goal miss that bounced not once but twice off the goalpost and led to kicker Cody Parkey's dismissal, the team has signed a new kicker.

But his last name? It's Blewitt!

(That's Chris Blewitt, if you are keeping track and hoping it's not an omen ...)

Earliest reservations warning

So longtime B-N McDonald's czar, Bob Dobski, in his "retirement" is building a big new east-side steakhouse, costing up to $4 million to construct, with a name that one assumed could never be replicated — "RobDob's." 

But alas! 

As dutifully discovered recently in Tucson, Ariz., by Don Munson, the retired B-N radio icon, and Alan Sender, his once-upon-a-time news-gathering morning sidekick (Sender snapped the picture), there is a "Bob Dobbs."

As Munson puts it, "When making online dinner reservations at Bob Dobski’s new fine-dining emporium, it would be a good idea to make sure you are reserving a table on Hershey Road in Bloomington and not on 6th Street and Tucson Ave. here in Tucson."

Who would have ever figured?!

Oddest calendar quirk ahead

In only three years: February 22 of the year 2022 will, in fact, be 2/22/22, the 21st Century’s truest 2’s-day.

And get this … it’s a Tuesday.

Newest adjective for Twin Citians

In a recent Chicago Tribune story on the success of electric truck start-up Rivian, as the company readies for production in Normal, a reporter came downstate and hung out at Coffee Hound, a "haunt favored by hipsters near the Illinois State University campus,” the story read.

As asks B-Ner Marc Lebovitz, who himself is an ex-suburbanite who came south: “Why do Chicagoans always view us as so Amish-farmer that the nice, regular people who patronize the Coffee Hound are characterized as 'hipsters?' Was Jack Kerouac in the next booth? Was Allen Ginsberg reciting poetry in the corner?”

Latest greatest headline

As it appeared in one area newspaper:

“Juvenile Court to Try

Shooting Defendant”

Latest greatest bumperspeak

Spotted on a pizza delivery car in Bloomington:

"Driver carries no

cash. He’s married"

Latest amazing sight/site

While traveling near Airport and Fort Jesse roads in Normal one recent wintry morning, John Coffey and his wife, Barbara, looked over at a harvested corn field to spot a phenomenal number of pheasants ("my wife counted 25," says John), eating any extra grain left in the field.

It was, reports John, below zero at the time, meaning this area has some hungry pheasants, or there is one segment of the populace that doesn't mind that recent cold weather at all.

Latest interesting street name

Psycho Path.

It’s in Traverse City, Mich.

Top typo

Something we did not realize until recently: The word "Pennsylvania" is misspelled on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

Best Name Club

  • Dr. Kink. If you have a kink in your ankle or foot, Shaun Kink is one of the doctors at McLean County Orthopedics. 
  • Sarah Flight. A track star and high-jump specialist at Charleston High who recently jumped a school-record 5-7¼ feet. 
  • Phillip Carr. A Bloomington insurance agent who sells auto as well as homeowners. (Or, as one reader puts it, “If only he was Homer Carr.”) 
  • Chase Elliott. He’s a NASCAR driver in the recent Daytona 500.
  • Rachel Pullin. A dentist in Danville.

Latest greatest obituary

In the recent notice of Robert C. Henline, 70, of Anchor, in a list of charities for friends to donate, the last one was: “the Robert A. Henline bar tab at the Monocle."

That's a popular restaurant in Washington, D.C., and Robert A. Henline, who lives in Washington, D.C., is the son of Robert C. Henline.

And a smart son at that.

More Fun Places To Visit, If Only For Their Names

As offered by the readers:

  • Guys Store, Texas.
  • Tiff City, Mo. 
  • Bowlegs, Okla. 

Most bizarre face-painting request yet

Mickey Lower (aka the "Zoo Lady") is famous in this area for her face-painting talents at festivals and other events, and surely one of her more bizarre requests was the guy who, last year on this very day — St. Patrick’s Day — asked for this face-painting (pictured here).

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Our March board of contributors: Bob Troutt, Clinton; Kevin Kempin, Mary Lou Henderson, Jerry Turley, John Coffey, Julie Dennis, Mickey Lower and Eric Rhodes, Bloomington; Marc Lebovitz and Ken Jesse, Normal; Don Munson, Tucson, Ariz.; Susan Meredith, Newark, Ohio; Lee Templeton, Palmview, Texas.


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