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Cheering: My dad is cool because when I am sad he comes and cheers me up. When my mom isn't here, he takes care of us. When I feel bad he comes and talks it out with me.

Caleb Tyus

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Togetherness: My dad and I play games. We eat hot chips together. We both like football. I like him.

Kaiden Roberts

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Funny and caring: My dad makes me laugh all the time. He sometimes makes me breakfast in the morning. He buys flowers for my mom when they go on a date.

Davion Parker

Grade 4, Stevenson

Strong dad: My dad works at a tattoo shop. He went to New York. My dad's favorite color is red. When I was a baby he would throw me in the air. He is really strong, too.

Thelma Ramsay

Grade 2, Stevenson

Time together: I love my dad because he plays tennis with me, and football, futbol, baseball. He helps me with math. We play games together and watch movies together.

Giovanni Brookshier

Grade 3, Sheridan

Strict and loving: My dad is strict because he wants me to do my best. He wants me to be the best person I can be. Even though my dad is strict, he still loves me.

Francis Avogo

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Devoted dad: "Dad's famous pancakes are done! Who wants one?" exclaimed my dad. My dad doesn't only make pancakes, he is also devoted to me having a stupendous future, and he is helpful. My dad surpasses all other dads because he is so cool.

Elias Fulkerson

Grade 5, Prairieland

Phenomenal fixer: My dad is phenomenal. He can fix almost everything, like cars, TVs, lights and everyday appliances. He is always kind and a good person to play with and hang out with. He is always positive and kind, truthful and loyal.

Tyler Garrigus

Grade 4, Prairieland

Always trying to help: My dad is funny because he makes up jokes that no one has said before. When someone is sad, he makes them laugh. My dad is generous because he is always giving to people in need. Last, my dad is helpful because he is always trying to help people even if he doesn't like them.

Laina Fulkerson

Grade 3, Prairieland

Hero dad: My dad is my hero. He saves people. He is a doctor. He is very brave. I love my dad. He is so fun. I want to save people like he does.

Vivian Dickinson

Grade 1, Prairieland

Protector: You should love your dad because dads protect you like mine does. I love him.

Aerianna Carey

Grade 1, Olympia South

Important job: Being a dad is very important. You have to be ready. My dad is the best I could have. Yes, he does work a lot and cannot spend much time with us. But he still loves me, and I know that.

Mackenzie Miller

Grade 5, Parkside

Loving time: I love my dad because he always makes me laugh. He is humorous. Also, my dad says reassuring things to me when I am sad, and that feels good. He lives in India alone, but when he comes here to visit my mom and me, he spends his time playing or doing fun stuff with me.

Manjari Dheepan

Grade 5, Oakland

Best friend, too: My dad is so strong. He's very easy to talk to, and he always listens to me when I talk. And I talk a lot! I love him, and he is always there for me. Now I know your dad doesn't only have to be your dad, he can be your best friend, too.

Cambrie Jarman

Grade 5, Oakdale

There for each other: My dad is funny, silly and weird. I love my dad a lot because he is always there for me when I am sad. I am always there for him when he is sad. Don't worry, Mom, I love you, too.

Kadence Livengood

Grade 4, Oakdale

Better with him: Two is better than one. He is funny. He is smart and helps me.

Braylon Harris

Grade 3, Oakdale

Nice and loving: My dad is nice to me. My dad cooks for me. My dad plays with me on my infinity game. I love my dad and my dad loves me. My dad is nice to my family, like my mom and baby sister, and my dad loves the rest of my family.

Owynn Strong

Grade 2, Oakdale

Teacher: My dad teaches me stuff. He cares for me. He helps.

Aidan Gasparini

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Special dad: My dad plays games with me. He is good at making cinnamon rolls. Dad let me get ducklings and chicks. My dad is very nice to me.

Knox Kennell

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Baseball coach: My dad is very nice because he taught me how to field a ground ball correctly. He is also my baseball coach. He helps me practice ground balls. He helps me swing correctly. He is just a great dad.

Caden Castleman

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Great dad: My dad is a painter. He is a good helper. He got a new dog. He is a great dad.

Morgan Nare

Grade 2, Heyworth

Reasons for love: My dad is caring because he wrote me a big list of reasons why he loves me. It made me cry, but I was happy. I cried for a few minutes I was so happy. I was so happy I couldn't talk. I love my dad.

Isaac Rhodes

Grade 2, Grove

Singing together: My dad and I sing with each other. We like to sing Michael Jackson songs. We also like to sing "Shake It Off." We both like to play basketball. The best thing about my dad is we watch "The Greatest Showman."

Alina Johnson

Grade 1, Grove

Loves Cubs and games: My dad loves the Cubs. On Father's Day I will get my dad a coffee mug. My dad and I like to play games. We like to play Monopoly.

Leah Armes

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Best dad: My dad is really nice. He makes up funny jokes. He likes to give me piggyback rides. He used to play hide-and-seek with me every Sunday. He gives me $5 to save for university. I have the best dad in the world.

Angel Vega

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Homework helper: My dad helps me with my homework. Also, he takes me to gymnastics. He takes me outside to play. He also helps me ride my bike. My dad puts me to bed. I love my dad so much.

Chloe Hall

Grade 3, Benjamin

Practice to win: My dad likes to play cricket, and he teaches me. My dad helps me practice to win a chess game or any sport. He helps me with my homework. My dad loves our whole family. He encourages me a lot.

Srisourya Karuturi

Grade 2, Benjamin

Dads are different: Unlike moms, dads do not prepare for everything. Just be aware. When Dad takes you on a camping trip, make sure you talk to mom. Dads have a tendency to not prepare.

Joseph Searby

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Best friend: My dad is my best friend. Our names are just alike: his name is Christopher and my name is Christina. My dad was born in Mississippi. My dad was born in January. My dad loves the Chicago Bears.

Christina Lenard

Grade 4, Stevenson

Best dad ever: My dad is kind, loving, compassionate, funny and one of the best dads I could ask for. I love my dad just the way he is, and he loves us all just the way we are. 

Carlie Polk

Grade 3, Sheridan

Best griller: My dad is awesome because he makes the best grilled food. He gets me things, and he helps me make choices.

AJ Luna

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Partners: My dad plays kickball and baseball with me. He also plays "Guitar Hero" with me. He lets me build stuff with him. Lastly, he helps me with my homework.

Jack Woods

Grade 3, Prairieland

Special firefighter: I have the best daddy in the world. He is caring and loving. One of the things that makes my daddy special is that he is a volunteer firefighter.

Macy Furman

Grade 1, Olympia South

Whole heart: I love my dad because he always gives me hugs. We play games together. We watch movies together. He loves me so much and I love him with all my heart.

Mariah Crawford

Grade 3 Oakdale

Learning to mow: My dad is the best. He gave me an ATV. It goes fast. He is teaching me how to mow. It is fun learning how to mow. He is a good dad. He is the best.

Boden Bozarth

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Play games together: My dad is very special to me. My dad and I enjoy playing games together. Some of the games we play are ping pong, chess and tag. My dad enjoys making things. We make many things together.

Sahasra Dasari

Grade 2, Grove

Hanging out: I love my dad! I love my dad because he always lets me hang out with him and talk to him. And we always go run errands together. Sometimes he drops me off at school. That is my dad and why I love my dad.

Nikolina Garrett

Grade 3, Benjamin

Fishing buddy: What I like about my dad is that he lets me go fishing with him. Last time we went fishing, he only caught four or five fish, and I caught 10. 

Lucas Henderson

Grade 4, Prairieland

Dad's the best: I love my dad so much. He's the best. He picks me up every day. He helps me when I get hurt, every time. My dad and I play a game every time. It is so much fun to play a game.

Ellen Taylor

Grade 2, Oakdale