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Neighbor and friend: My best friend is Lucy. Lucy is always nice to me. We play with each other at recess. Lucy and I live in the same neighborhood. We ride the bus together to school and back home again. We are not in the same class. I am happy that I have friends in my classroom.

Ella Olson

Grade 2, Benjamin

Go and do together: My best friend is named Megan. She is so very nice. The two of us did gymnastics together. We go and do lots of things together, like we go to the pool in the summer. 

Hope Rowe

Grade 4, Calvary Christian

Sports fan friends: My best friend is Keira. I like Keira as a friend because she likes the Bears and the Cubs. That is why Keira is my best friend.

Madison Padilla

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Awesome friends: My best friend is awesome. Her name is Brier. I have been friends with Brier since kindergarten. I love to play at recess with her. Brier is fun to play with. Brier and I like to play at recess with Remi, too. I am glad I have friends like Brier and Remi.

Megan Denslow

Grade 4, Cedar Ridge

Being together: Do you have a best friend? I do. My friend and I like cheetahs. My friend and I like to run. My friend and I like to have play dates. I like being with my best friend.

Lauren Graham

Grade 2, Epiphany

Makes me smile: I like Alex. She is special to me because we both like the same things. Alex is nice, and I like how she makes me smiley. She is the best.

Samiyah Mayes

Grade 2, Fairview

Brother and friend: I have a best friend. His name is Jaxon. He is my brother. We like to play together.

Ava Heatley

Grade 1, Grove

Play together: I like to spend time with my best friend. We like to play video games together a lot. I usually win. We like to ride our bikes together. My bike is the fastest. We like to play tag. We play tag in my backyard.

Aayush Agarwal

Grade 2, Grove

Baseball fun: My best friend is Akshar because he is my neighbor and he plays baseball with me. He got a home run for the first time. We have sleepovers on my birthday. We are the very, very, very best friends in the whole world.

Srilcar Bonala

Grade 3, Grove

Best dog ever: My best friend is my dog Jake. He is black and white and very cute. Jake is very funny when we play outside. I like to lie on him because he's cuddly. I love Jake because he's the best dog ever!

Keegan Troha

Grade 2, Heyworth

Sisters: My best friend's name is Ahanna. She is my sister. She likes to talk with me. She lives far away, so I talk to her in an app called Imo. She also likes to play with me.

Jeeteshi Giri

Grade 2, Hoose

Nice friend: My best friend's name is Anish. He is a really nice friend to have. Anish can be a nice person, but he can get a bit angry. So don't get him angry with you.

Anesh Venigalla 

Grade 3, Hoose

Best friend forever: My BFF is Kelsie. She is a fun, smart, kind, unicorn-loving girl. We love to do lots of random stuff. We love to put plastic Walmart bags on our feet. Then we seal them up with hair ties and skate around the floor. We always do fun stuff with each other.

Tess Rolley

Grade 5, Hoose

Cheering up: My best friend cheers me up. He lets me play with him and is nice to me. He is happy.

Gavin Ottenheime

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

School fun: My best friends are Grace and Chalen. They are funny. We play at recess and after school. School is fun with my friends.

Dylan Stevens

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Three amigos: My best friends are Ruby and Luci. Because Luci and Ruby are friends, that makes us the three amigos. We always play together at recess. I met them three years ago in kindergarten. When I am with Luci and Ruby I feel special like I am the queen.

Alexis Reed

Grade 3, Northwest

Many friends: My best friend is Makhi because he moved to this school in second grade. He makes me feel happy and joyful. Other friends are DJs. One DJ is my church friend, and the other DJ is Yong. He moved to Chicago. Eva is my church friend, and Ian is my church friend.

Harry Kim

Grade 2, Oakdale

Like a sister: My best friend is Kamoria. She is 8, and we always play together. I see her every day because she is my neighbor. She is just like a sister to me.

Tarin Mosier

Grade 3, Oakdale

Best friends for life: My best friend is Jamari because he and I have been best friends since second grade. Isn't that crazy? Second grade, two years. That's a long time. We are best friends for life.

Andrew Alvarez

Grade 4, Oakdale

Recess robbers: My best friend is Emmett. We like to play robbers at recess.

Connor Collins

Grade 1, Olympia South

Different and alike: My best friend is nice. She has short red hair. Whenever we are together we laugh a lot. We like to play soccer and climb trees. Sometimes we get a little mad at each other, but we always make up. We are different in some ways, but alike in a lot. 

Natalie Nelson

Grade 5, Parkside

My best friend: My best friend is Avery. She is my best friend because she was my first friend in third grade. She is very nice, funny and great. Avery is my friend because she plays with me when I am alone. 

Regina Aduku

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Two best friends: My best friends are Sydney and Marie. They are very nice. They laugh at my jokes. They love dogs just like me.

Lily Leman

Grade 2, Prairie Central

Friends because: My best friend is Kamryn. Kamryn is my best friend because, well ... um ... uh ... I can't really remember why or how. All I can remember is that we have been friends since kindergarten. Alyssa was my first friend since I moved from Arizona five years ago. She has been my friend ever since.

Rhyan Harden

Grade 4, Prairieland

Diamond-like: Paige is like the shiniest diamond on earth. My best friend is Paige. She is so funny. She makes me laugh every day with funny jokes and stories. What I like about Paige is she has a sense of humor. Anybody is not fun to hang out with if they don't have a sense of humor, but I am glad that Paige does.

Harper McGowan

Grade 5, Prairieland

Just friends: My best friend A.J. is very nice. He likes a lot of stuff I like. For example, we both like Pokemon stuff, dogs (kinda) and playing with each other and friends. Some people think we like each other a little too much, but we are just friends.

Isadora Alvarez

Grade 5, St. Mary's

No better friend: My best friend is Lincoln. He is nice. I don't think I could have a better friend than him.

Jonathan Allison

Grade 2, Stevenson

Love my friend: My best friend's name is Vivian. We like to text each other a lot. One time we made slime together. I love my best friend.

Addie Kaufman

Grade 2, Towanda

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