Cricket: Cricket is a sport, the same as baseball. It teaches us discipline, respect, responsibility, collaboration and team spirit. Cricket is my passion. It helps us stay healthy. I play cricket with my friends near my home, and I enjoy it a lot.

Arnav Sharma

Grade 2, Benjamin

Favorite game: My favorite game is Connect Four. There are two colors, and you put it in the little hole. If you have two people, you can play Connect Four. Another game I like is bingo. Bingo is a fun game.

Isabella Rosales

Grade 4, Bent

Different kinds: I have a Nintendo Switch. I like to play games on it. I mostly play Minecraft. I made a good house with double doors. I even had a parrot dance party. My favorite board game is Life or Sorry. I like these games because you travel around the board.

Joel Drake

Grade 3, Calvary

Many games: The games I like to play are Monopoly Deal, Sushi Go, Sorry, Yahtzee and Monopoly: Cheaters Edition. I have played many video games. I left Fortnite because it is ruined. I love all the games I play.

Myles Whisler

Grade 4, Calvary  

In-class games: I like to play spoons. We play spoons with erasers, though, because we don't have spoons in our class. I also like Chicken Cha Cha. At recess, I usually play four square or kickball. Once we played Math Jeopardy in class.

Caitie Jenkins

Grade 5, Calvary

Video games: I like to play video games. My favorite video games are Minecraft and Roblox. I like active games like hide-and-seek tag. I like a lot of board games.

Leah White

Grade 4, Cedar Ridge

Family time: I like playing Blokus with my papa. I like playing Candyland with my grandma, and I like playing with Cam. When we play we laugh, and they win sometimes. I kind of like to win sometimes.

Caden Caldwell

Kindergarten, Cornerstone

Likes games: I like games. We play the Equation Station game. It's so fun. We also play Boggle. We have to find three letters or more to make a word.

Laykin Redd

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Make a goal: I like to play soccer because it is fun, and because I can kick it in the goal.

Anna Lootens

Grade 1, Epiphany

Soccer is fun: I love to play soccer because you can be a goalie. Being a goalie is fun because you can use your hands. It is fun to play soccer because my team and I have bigger nets and longer fields.

Isabella Wyse

Grade 3, Epiphany

Fun with brother: I like to play checkers. Checkers is a fun game to play. I like to play checkers with my brother. When we play, my brother and I smile. I like it when we play together.

Sofia Medina

Grade 2, Fairview

Winning: Monopoly is my favorite game to play. I am always the banker. My grandpa and I played for two hours. I won because I had a hotel on Broadway, so he had to pay $2,000 in Monopoly money, and he only had $567.

Kai Wiedman

Grade 3, Grove

Friend's game: My favorite game is bush monster. My friend's sister made it up. First someone is the bush monster. Then the others have to run to the patio, then the trampoline, then the tree and back to the playground without the bush monster tagging them. It is super fun.

Olivia Anderson

Grade 4, Grove

Play with Dad: I like to play Nintendo Wii with my dad. We like to play games like racing games, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. Sometimes we play the game box. 

Katie Buttry

Grade 3, Hudson

World control: I like to play Risk because it is fun to see if you can control a country. I usually control Australia. I try to control Asia because it is big. 

Crew Metz

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Great game: I like to play Monopoly. This is a fun game because I get money. Monopoly is a great game to play.

Beau Peterson

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Best game: My favorite game is Super Mario. I like to play Super Mario because you get to find power-ups. I think it is the best game. I like to play with my brother and dad.

Bristol Schoon

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Family games: I like to play fun board games like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and Monopoly with my family. I am learning to play chess with my dad and grandpa, even though I hate to lose sometimes. I understand it is just a game to have fun.

Viha Bapat

Grade 1, Northpoint

Best game: My favorite game is bowling. 

Peyton Smith

Grade 3, Northpoint

Playground game: My favorite game is hide-and-seek tag. I like playing the game on the playground at school. I play with my friends.

Claudia James

Grade 5, Northpoint

I would help you: A game I like to play is checkers. To play checkers you need a partner. You have to move after the other person. If you were playing with me, I would help you with the game. You could play with your family.

Bella Swaney

Grade 2, Oakdale

Good dodger: A game I like to play is dodgeball because I am a really good dodger. I also like to play Scatterball and Minecraft on my tablet. I like to play games that Mrs. Mott makes up. Games are fun.

Audriana Taylor

Grade 3, Oakdale

Computer games: One kind of came is a computer game. My favorite games to play are Roblox, Minecraft and Prodigy. Roblox is my favorite game where you make an avatar using robux. Minecraft is even a coding program. Prodigy is a video game with learning.

Leonard Adebayo

Grade 4, Oakland

Play with brother: I like to play Pac-Man. I play with my big brother. 

Karter Thornton

Grade 1, Olympia South

Contact sports: Football is my favorite sport because I love contact sports. And of course, tackling is so fun.

Sean Schwartz

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Play with others: A game I like to play is Minecraft because there are villages. You can play with your friends. I can play with Dad and Elijah, too.

Urban Mowery

Grade 2, Prairie Central

Tricky riddles: I like to play Clue because I love mysteries. I also like riddles and stuff that tricks you. I like stuff that gets you into the game so you can't stop playing. It is too tempting to stop because you want to figure out what happened in the end.

Caleb Reinhart

Grade 3, Prairieland

Soccer: I like to play soccer because it keeps you active. I like to be active because it makes you fit. Another reason I like soccer is because it it's fun. It's fun because there are a lot of different positions that I want to get good at. The final reason is that I get to meet new people and make friends.

Hugh McPeak

Grade 4, Prairieland

Game on: I love playing chess because it it fun. I once played a friend, and I did the four-move checkmate on him. He knew the move, but did not notice what I was doing. It was so amazing that I jumped for joy. Every chess player knows that you say, "Good game," once the match is over.

Zak Kaeb

Grade 5, Prairieland

All kinds: I like to play all sorts of games because they are fun. I play video games. I play board games.

Dynastee Hill

Grade 3, Sheridan

Brain game: I like checkers. It is fun to play because you have to have a strategy. Checkers is good to get your brain going.

Deah Armstrong

Grade 2, Stevenson

Card game: My favorite game is Uno. I like Uno because there are plus four cards in the game.

Isabelle Ressler

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Playing on vacation: One of my favorite games to play is dominoes. When my family went on vacation, my cousins brought a 15 set of dominoes, and we played two games. My dad and aunt both got a high score on two rounds over 100. They lost. Nana won.

Cameron Caldwell

Grade 2, Tri-Valley

Going to a game: I like playing baseball. It is my favorite sport, so my grandpa got tickets to go to the Cardinals game. We had great seats by the third base line. They played my second favorite team, the Nationals. The Cardinals won. My day was fantastic.

Mason McLeod

Grade 2, Benjamin

Pretend family: I like to play pretend family because it is fun and I get to be the older sister. I get to cook and drive in the game. My favorite game is "family."

Ana Arias Tamayo

Grade 4, Bent

Brain challenge: I like to play Mastermind with my dad because it challenges your brain. It is super fun. It is a good game to play when you are bored. It is easy when you learn it. It is still kind of hard to me.

Adeline Pope

Grade 2, Prairieland

Winning play: My favorite game is football because I like to play football. I tackle people down to the ground and get the football and run it to the touchdown zone. I beat the other team by a lot of points.

Heath Francois

Grade 3, Prairieland

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