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Fit and fine: My favorite game to play is soccer because it makes us fit, fine and healthy. Soccer is an outdoor game. I have soccer practice every Thursday and soccer matches every Saturday. I like soccer because I like to run.

Sharvari Kirdant

Grade 2, Benjamin

Building fun: Minecraft is my favorite game because you can build and do all the things you want, like living under water and having pets. It is so fun.

Keah Conlon

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Dizzying fun: My favorite game to play is the tire swing. Every day at school when it is time to go to recess, I always go to the tire swing with my friends. Playing on the tire swing feels so cool, and it is super fun, but when you get off you feel super dizzy!

Amanda Hernandez

Grade 4, Cedar Ridge

Family fun: I like to play baseball, basketball and football. My favorite is baseball, and my favorite player is Derek Jeter. I have so much fun with my football team, but my favorite thing to do is to be with my family and play with my brother.

Brenden Devermen

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Anything you want: Minecraft is so fun to play. You can fight. You can build. There are all kinds of armor. And there are explosions. And best of all you can do anything you want.

Henri Studnicki

Grade 2, Fairview

Madden football: My favorite game to play is Madden NFL 19. It has a lot of rookies in Madden NFL 19. My three favorite rookies are Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen and De'Vante Harris.

Sam Deti

Grade 3, Fairview

Let's play: The game I like to play is hide-and-go-seek. I like to hide in the attic and cabinets and basement. I like to play with my dogs. We like to play tag. I like to play teacher. I like to play high-schoolers. I like to play at the park. 

Madison Webb-Marshall

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Hilarious parents: I like to play Twister because when the kids play we don't fall really easily. But when the parents play it is hilarious because they are not as flexible as kids, so they fall much faster. I also like Twister because it is fun for most people.

Lae'Linda Walker

Grade 5, Glenn

Stack and fall: My favorite game is Jenga. It is fun.

Brooke Patten

Grade 1, Grove

Kicking is fun: My favorite game is kickball. I play it every day at recess. The best player is Ben. He always makes a home run. Sometimes I make a home run. I like it because instead of hitting with a bat, you kick the ball, and I like kicking stuff.

Parker Smith

Grade 2, Grove

Horse play: I like to play sports such as basketball and hockey. I sometimes play with my dad or by myself. I like to play horse against my dad. I once got him out by shooting five shots from the same spot, and I swished all five of the shots.

Ishuan Patel

Grade 3, Grove

Playing with friends: I like to play Fortnite because you can play with your friends. I like to play tag because you get tagged by your friends, then you can be it. I like to play Marco Polo because I get to swim while I am playing the game.

Nellie Knuth

Grade 2, Heyworth

Playing and exercise: I like to play soccer because you can get exercise just by playing. I like to play with my classroom friends and my plain friends. The other team usually wins, but I don't care. Winners never quit.

Micah Schrock

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Playing for prizes: I like to play Bingo. I play Bingo at my grandma's house. Bingo is fun to play because Grandma give me prizes if I win. Bingo is an awesome game to play.

Sophia Toliver

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Looking forward: I love the game called volleyball. On my birthday I got a volleyball net. My volleyball net is huge. When I am in fifth grade I can play volleyball. You have to have good grades.

Cheyenne Hass

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Life is complicated: My favorite game is the Game of Life because it is kind of realistic and I absolutely love board games. I recommend it, but it is kind of hard to play. It has a lot of thousand dollar bills, so it is very complicated.

Joselyn Hauck

Grade 3, Northpoint

Play and repeat: My favorite game is tug-of-war with my dog, which he always wins. He always runs under the piano. I chase him around the house, then he goes under the piano. He is out of breath and goes onto his stomach. I rub him until my dad calls him. Then we get up and start again.

Caroline Engle

Grade 4, Northpoint

It's about the playing: A game I like to play is football. I am the quarterback. I am good at football. You kick the ball and run and get a touchdown. It does not matter who wins. It is just about the playing.

Jonathan Rodts

Grade 2, Oakdale

Get the points: My favorite game is Call of Duty because I like getting points and killing the zombies. It is fun to play with my dad. He says funny things and words. I sit on the sofa by my dad. One time I got 10,003 points in the game.

Destiny Dillon

Grade 3, Oakdale

Three favorites: Some of my favorite games are tag, Twister and Uno. I like tag because it is fun to play with friends and run around. In Twister it is fun to try to move your left or right hand or foot. I like Uno because it is a good game to play on a rainy day. 

Hailey Kardas

Grade 3, Oakland

Find without seeing: I like to play blindfold tag. You need more than two people, then you close your eyes with one of these options: blindfold, close your eyes without peeking or handkerchief. Spin the person who is blindfolded. The person who is blindfolded has to catch the other people.

Deeptha Manoj

Grade 4, Oakland

Playing with my granny: My favorite game to play is tag. I love to play tag with my granny.

Noah Ginder

Grade 1, Olympia South

Fun and funny: My favorite games to play are Minecraft, Monopoly, Candy Land and Clue. I like all those because they are fun games and funny games. The game that is my favorite is Clue.

Gavriella Pate

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

The winner: My favorite game is Hearts of Attraction. I like to play Hearts of Attraction because I can beat my older brother and sister.

Katie Peterson

Grade 1, Prairieland

Pay me the money: My favorite game to play with my family is Monopoly. My favorite part of the game is when people land on my houses and give me money. I don't like going to jail (not in real life) in the game. 

Eliya Kim

Grade 2, Prairieland

Best in the universe: Minecraft is the best, addicting game ever. You play by surviving and getting all the resources you need. Your goal is to slay the Ender dragon (final boss). In my opinion, Minecraft tops every other video game in the universe.

Harrison Pope

Grade 3, Prairieland

Best ever: I love Fortnite. It is the best game ever. You have to find weapons and chests and try to eliminate people. You can play with other people online. My favorite friend to play online with is Michael. The last one standing is the winner, and they get a Victory Royale that goes in their profile. 

Colin Craig

Grade 4, Prairieland

Fun and frustrating: One of my favorite games is Dungeons & Dragons. It is a game of imagination, and you play a lot of people. You also roll dice to fight, hit points, etc. It is awesome, fun, frustrating, and you can stay up all night with your friends.

Millie Thornton

Grade 5, Prairieland

Running is fun: I like to play Fortnite, baseball and football because they are fun. My favorite of them is football because I like to tackle people. I also like football because I like to run.

Isaiah Whitaker

Grade 5, St. Mary's 

Play and create games: I like to play Roblox. I like to play Roblox because I get to chat with my friends and experience new games. You also get to create your own games. 

Kenayah Tshiseleka

Grade 3, Sheridan

Big winnings: I like to play Sabacc from Star Wars. It is kind of like gambling, but not really. You can win the Millennium Falcon. It is big.

Ben Kessler

Grade 2 Stevenson

Play on the go: I like Pokemon Go on the phone. I like Articano. He is a flying ice Pokemon.

Rylan Miess

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Babies laugh: I like to play Sims. There are babies in the Sims game, and the babies are cute. The babies have xylophones that they play. It makes the babies laugh.

Makenna Sheppelman

Grade 4, Sugar Creek

Multiple games: I like Roblox because it has more than one game on it. Some of the games are Granny, Meep World, Escape Barber Shop and Escape from McDonald's. Granny is like tag, and it is fun to hide.

Samiyah Briggs

Grade 5, Sugar Creek 

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