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Supporter: My mother is amazing. One reason is that she will comfort me whenever I am upset. Another reason she is amazing is because she supports me in whatever I do. If I want to stop doing something, she will let me. I love my mom and appreciate all she does for me and my brothers.

Layla Winn

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Togetherness: I watch "Jumanji" with my mom. I love her. We go to the Circle K together.

Hailey Christianer

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Amazing moms: Moms are amazing. They are nice. They do all the household work, yet they are able to spend time with you. Don't you think that's amazing?

Adhrut Kulkarni

Grade 3, Stevenson

Delight: I love my mom. She's nice and makes me smile. She cooks my meals and hugs me tight. She tucks me in and says, "Good night." When I wake up, I hug my mom and say good morning. She serves my breakfast. Then I hug her tight with delight.

Ryn Zins

Grade 2, Stevenson

Much love: Moms are nice, thoughtful and respectful. You were born from your mom. You should treat moms nicely, and they love you more than ever.

Gabe Edge

Grade 3, Sheridan

Busy mom: My mom studies bacteria. She also helps pets. She took my dog to the vet, and after a while he died. My mom is very busy and does a lot of things.

Chase Ellis

Grade 2, Schneider

Hard working: My mom is my teacher, and she is very good at her job. I never get in trouble. She always works hard to get my sister and me to our activities on time. She always cooks delicious meals every time she gets a chance. 

Cole Gentsch

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Marvelous: "Mom, you make the best ravioli!" I yipped. My mom is a phenomenal cook. She can make anything; whether it is sweet or savory it will taste amazing. My mom also knows how to brighten someone's day. She likes to tell hilarious jokes.

Isabella Gilbert

Grade 5, Prairieland

Best mom: I think my mom is the best mom because she takes good care of me when I am sick. Also, she likes to play games with me and my family. Lastly, my family and I are glad that she is a nurse so when one of us is sick or hurt badly, she will always have a solution.

Alana Bradford

Grade 4, Prairieland

Military mom: My mom is the coolest because she is in the Army, and she was in war. After a long day, we drink hot chocolate and watch movies. We play with my little sister, then we fix something to eat and go to sleep.

R.J. Hatchett

Grade 3, Prairieland

Always loving: My mom loves our whole family. Even when she is mad at me and my siblings, she still loves us. My mom takes very good care of us. When we are sad, she helps us feel better. I really love when she cooks. Every single thing she makes is so delicious. I love my mom, and she loves me.

Emily Jorczak

Grade 2, Prairieland

Having babies: Moms have babies. Moms take care of the babies. They feed them. They get presents. Moms are the best.

Jacalyn Black

Grade 1, Prairieland

Winner: My mommy makes me so happy. Seeing her every morning makes me feel like I'm a winner. She loves me. She buys me clothes, and she puts food on the table every day.

Serrmyra Brown

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Precious: Mother is the most beautiful and precious person in the world. My mom dresses me up so pretty. Mom teaches me good manners and behavior. She plays with me and makes me happy. She tells me lovely stories to make me sleep at night time. I love my mom. She is my life.

Laasya Karlapudi

Kindergarten, Oakland

Role model: My mom is so strong. She is a great role model. She never quits when she starts something she has to finish. No matter what it is or how many things go wrong, she never quits. When I am scared or worried, she makes me laugh and forget all about it. She is awesome. I love my mom so much.

Cambrie Jarman

Grade 5, Oakdale

Lessons: My mom is teaching me a lesson because my mom is trying so hard to help me. I love my mom teaching me a lesson every day, like do not talk back to your mom.

Destiny Dillon

Grade 2, Oakdale

Card game: My favorite thing to do with my mom is play Go Fish. That is my favorite because I always win.

Brynlee Hereford

Grade 1, Olympia South

What mom loves: My mom loves her family and her dogs and fish. My mom loves to ski, but she skied down a mountain and snapped her MCL and ACL. It was horrible, but she had surgery and is OK. My mom loves art. My mom loves to go to the movies with her family.

Haley Seiders

Grade 4, Northpoint

Outdoors together: I love my mom so much. My mom helps me when I fall. We play outside.

Artie Horath

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Mom's favorites: My mom's favorite color is purple. My mom likes to make banana bread out of smashed brown bananas. My mom's favorite food is asparagus. My mom's favorite pet is a dog. My mom is very nice to me. We love our mom.

Bristol Schoon

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Talented mom: My mom is so sweet to me. I bet she could raise about six more children. It's because she has four girls, counting me. My mom also has one son. One dog is even a lot for her. She is the best.

Kate Kelly

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Caring moms: Moms are the best. They are very nice. Moms are helpful when you draw. They are caring when someone is hurt.

Keegan Troha

Grade 2, Heyworth

Basketball mom: I like playing basketball with my mom. My mom wins sometimes. She shoots three-pointers.

Jacob Gant

Grade 4, High Road

Missing parents: Let me tell you some things about my beautiful mother. She was born in India. She misses her parents very much. I know how she feels because my parents left me in India with my grandparents for one year. I missed them very much, and I am sure they missed me. 

Kanishka Chauhan

Grade 3, Grove

Many reasons: My mom is special to me. She buys me things like food, clothes, snacks, books and hair things. She thinks of fun projects for my brother and me to do. We love doing the projects. My mom cooks us food. She only cooks the food we like.

Zoe McKittrick

Grade 2, Grove

Swimming help: My mom is special because she takes me to swimming class. She keeps me company when I am scared to do a hard skill. She lets me fold laundry. Next, she lets me make dinner. Then, she helps me do homework.

Surabhi Chincholikar

Grade 1, Grove

Caring mom: My mom is the best mom ever. She cares for our family. My mom gives us anything we want, and she lets us go anywhere we want to go. My mom loves going out of town very much. I am so glad I have a mom because if I didn't have a mom, then I would not be living.

Nikaela Thompson

Grade 4, Fox Creek

Artist: My mom is a beautiful artist.

Clara Waits

Grade 2, Fox Creek

Happy day: I like my mom because she is nice to me. My mom has dark brown hair. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Maya Powell

Grade 1, Fox Creek

Playing: My mom is nice. She lets me play games. She lets me play on her phone. 

Collin Sherwood

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Caring for dog: My mom is good at taking the dog outside. First, she goes outside with the dog. Then, she lets her sit to go potty. Finally, she cleans it up. I like when she takes the dog outside, so there is no mess.

Ryan Johnson

Grade 2, Fairview

Helpful moms: Without a mom you would do all the work. Being a mom is hard work, so thank your mom for all she does for you, like laundry, homework, dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks, school and a lot more stuff.

Crew Baner

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Sweetest: My mom is the sweetest mom ever because she loves me very much and takes care of me. I also love my mom because the food she makes is good, and she always helps me with my homework. The most important thing about my mom is that she gave me life.

Amanda Hernandez

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Mom and dad: I love my parents. My mom takes care of me. I love her because she does so many things to help us. I love my dad because he helps us make money so we can have our house and other things in our house. My dad coaches our sports and helps us when we have trouble.

Ellee Hatcher

Grade 3, Benjamin

Helper: My mom is very helpful. When I get hurt or anything bad happens, she helps me, especially if I am sick. She is just a helpful mom. That is why I love her.

Logan Francois

Grade 2, Benjamin

It's a tie: I love my mom more than anything else in the world, but not as much as my dad. He is tied with my mom for love. I like to watch movies and shows with my mom. I also like to play board games.

Logan Smith

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Cheering mom: I love my mom because she always cheers for me at football. My mom always loves me.

Jaxson Hall

Grade 1, Sugar Creek