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Best ever: My mom is so nice. She went to Stevenson as a kid. My mom is so nice because she gives everybody care. Mom doesn't just say, "You're dumb!" She would say the opposite. My mom is the best mom I've ever known.

Ben Hopper

Grade 2, Stevenson

Loving and caring: I love my mom. She is nice and she cares about me. She loves me.

Bryce Fleming

Grade 3, Sheridan

Things they do: Our moms make dinner. They pay the bills so we can live in a house. They buy stuff for us. They take us places. They do a lot of stuff for us, and we should be grateful for that.

Mandy Ash

Grade 2, Schneider 

Creative mom: My mom is very creative. She makes cakes, and now that she has a Cricut, she can make stickers, cups and shirts. Mom is always working hard. She even went through the trouble of planning Lily's quinceanera.

Isadora Alvarez

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Marvelous mom: My mom is astonishing. She works very hard at her job. You know you work hard at your job when you come home and you are tired. She is a teacher, and being a teacher is a very hard job, especially if there are very little kids who have trouble behaving. 

Ava Hensley

Grade 5, Prairieland

Recipe for mom: I like to describe my mom as a recipe. She would have lots of sugar, but everyone has their salt. Do not forget the cinnamon; her spice comes out sometimes. Her cocoa powder is the fun. Flour is the patience, the ingredient that mixes. Butter is the kindness that melts right into people.

Suhn Kaeb

Grade 4, Prairieland

Soccer at the park: My mom and I are crazy about soccer. We went to a park next to my house, and we played soccer. Then I saw some teens. I played soccer with them. Next I went home and went to sleep.

Kris Vanee

Grade 3, Prairieland

Sweet mom: I love my mom. She is always so sweet to me. She always helps me out. She makes me yummy food and plays with me a lot. That is why I love my mom.

Willow Brim

Grade 2, Prairieland

Loves listening: My mom's favorite thing to do is to listen to music. She likes to listen to music because it is relaxing. When my mom is listening to music, she feels like the moon.

Bryleigh Lester

Grade 1, Prairieland

A little annoying: My mom is the best. She is awesome. But sometimes she can be a little ... annoying. But that's OK because she is my mom, and I love her.

Tyler Vandegraft

Grade 5, Parkside

Always mine: My mom is very special to me because she is nice, kind, helpful, pretty, smart and loving. My mom is very special to me because she is my mom, and she will always be my mom.

Noelle Smolen

Grade 2, Parkside

Great pancakes: My mom is so nice. My mom makes the best pancakes ever. They have bananas on top and sometimes they have blueberries on top of them. It is real good.

Malik Campbell

Grade 2, Oakdale

Special times: My mom is very special to me. She spends time with me by playing games. Another way my mom is special is we have movie and popcorn nights.

Macy Furman

Grade 1, Olympia South

Special mom: I love my mom because she is special because she gave birth to me. She takes me skating, swimming and to my games and lots more. She brings special memories and makes special fun. I love my mom because even if I do something bad, she will come and hug and kiss me. 

Jerome Birditt

Grade 4, Northpoint

Singing with mom: My mother is beautiful. She loves me. We like to sing together.

Airlyn Myers

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Love so much: We love our moms so much. My mom is the best mom. My mom's favorite color is yellow. My mom likes to watch TV with us. She likes to eat bananas a lot. My mom is special to me.

Veronica Kilpatrick

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Snuggling mom: I love my mom. She loves me, too. I like snuggling with her. I also like watching movies with her. I love my mom very much.

Gwenyth Adams

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Like no other: I love my mom because she is kind and loving. My mom is like no other. When I am sad, she cheers me up. My mom is the best.

Olivia Updegraff

Grade 2, Heyworth

Greatest ever: My mom is the greatest mom ever. My mom taught me to sew. It is so much fun. She buys me cute outfits like my cat dress. I like to do puzzles, games and work with my mom. She helps me do my homework and helps me understand certain questions. 

Natalie Novy

Grade 3, Grove

What mom likes: My mommy enjoys flowers. She loves planting them and buying them. She really enjoys cards. She likes opening gifts. My mother is very important to me.

Sahasra Dasari

Grade 2, Grove

Library time: My mom is the best mom in the world. She is special because every Tuesday we go to the Normal Public Library. I read with McKenzie. Mom makes me good food. I love my mom.

Arianna Bland

Grade 1, Grove

Beautiful mom: I love my mom. She is beautiful. My mom and I play catch. I give her a big hug and kiss. I like to give her a big teddy bear and some chocolate. I also give her some red flowers. My mom is the best ever.

Jonathan Marez

Grade 4, Fox Creek

Always there: I love my mom because she is always there when I need her. She puts a roof over my head. And she is always there; wherever I go she is in my heart.

Abigail Stanton

Grade 2, Fox Creek

Togetherness: My mom likes to cuddle with me. My mom likes to play games with me. My mom loves walking with me. My mom is so nice. 

Sammy Smaga

Grade 1, Fox Creek

Traveling with mom: My mom takes me to special places. Last year at the school carnival we won a trip to St. Louis, and she took us there. She takes us to Wisconsin Dells at Great Wolf Lodge and Kalahari. My mom is the best mom because she takes us exciting places.

William Wilson

Grade 2, Fairview

Nightly rituals: My mom is the best because she cuddles me every night and sings to me. It is so nice. That is why I love my mom.

Layani Crumpler

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

She knows best: I am a very lucky child. My mom loves me very much. She knows just the right way to take care of me and my siblings. I love you, Mom.

Johanna Hinch

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

How to be a great mom: Moms take good care of you. Moms make dinner when you are hungry. Moms take care of you when you are sick. I love my mom. I would like to be a mom because I have learned everything about being a great mom.

Marissa Dugan

Grade 2, Benjamin

There for you: Moms are there for you every step of the way — your first word, first step, first swim and many more. My mom cares for everything I did. She helped me take care of my first dog, and she helped me to draw. Why wouldn't I love my favorite parents?

Paola Castro

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Helper: I love my mom because she's nice. She helps me with my homework. She makes food for me. And she helps me be good at school.

Zion Binion

Grade 3, Sheridan

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