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Trip to Florida: My favorite place to go with my family is New Smyrna Beach, Florida, because I get to see my grandma while she is gone for six months in Florida. Also, we get to go to the beach a lot. My brother and I make some awesome sandcastles in Florida.

Logan Smith

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Sharing with sisters: Something that makes me happy is my sisters. They look up to me. I share with them.

Justina Gibson

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Everyone loves family: My family loves me and I love them. Everyone loves their family. You guys need to love them because they do everything for you guys. They do dinner. They clean for you guys, and if they do everything, you guys need to help, too.

Katheryne Torres

Grade 2, Stevenson

Happy and nice: I love my family because they are all happy and nice. I get to play games with my family, and we go out to eat. We all make each other laugh, and that is why we have fun.

Savannah Washington

Grade 3, Sheridan

Sweetest dad: My dad takes me to basketball. I really wanted to do basketball, so I asked my dad if he could sign me up for Game Seven, a seventh-grade team. My dad helps me with my shooting and ball handling. I love my dad so much because he is as sweet as sugar.

Faith McKee

Grade 5, Prairieland

Do anything for us: The family I have is the best because they will do anything for us kids when we need them. My mom cooks the best food for us. My dad will get us food when we are out of school when he gets out of work. I am glad I have this awesome family.

Tania Magallanes

Grade 4, Prairieland

Fun with nature: In my family we all like nature. We all like to hike and camp in forests. My mom is the dog walker; she walks tons of dogs every day. My dad is crazy about survival; he is prepared for anything any time.

Mason Montgomery

Grade 3, Prairieland

Coolest family: Big, loud and crazy! My family and I like to have dance parties. On Friday nights we have a camp-out in the living room. We like to travel to Wisconsin to visit our cousins. I have the coolest family.

Sophia Hospelhorn

Grade 1, Prairieland

Funny and kind: My family is funny. And kind, really kind. Also loveful. And helpful. They also cook for me. They say I'm cute.

Charli Mason

Grade 2, Prairie Central

Friends like family: I love my family and my friends. My friends are like my family because they're always there for me. And I love them like my family.

Grace Cleary

Grade 5, Parkside

All my heart: I have four brothers and one sister. My family is very loud, but I love them all the same. I love them with all my heart. They are the best brothers and sister in the world.

Zeke Miller

Grade 2, Parkside

Wild but good: My family is wild but good. I have a fish, a cat and two dogs.

Dakota Berryman

Grade 1, Olympia

Caring family: My mom's name is Swapna. She cooks delicious food for me and dresses me pretty and cute. My dad's name is Puneet. He plays with me. I share everything with him. My uncle's name is Chaithu. He tells me stories and plays with me. I play hide-and-seek and ludo with my grandparents.

Laasya Karlapudi

Grade 1, Oakland

Amazing, blended family: My family is so amazing. We do everything together. We go places. We go on trips. My family is just amazing. No one can be a better family than us. We are all happy to be a blended family.

Nevaeh Pullins

Grade 5, Oakdale

Family adventures: My family is big. There are five people plus my dog. We go on lots of adventures. So far my favorite is when we went to a hiking trail because we went down in a canyon and we went through mud and rocks and water. 

Abi Davis

Grade 3, Oakdale

Doing fun stuff: I love my family because Saturday they let me stay up all night. They take me to Sky Zone. I love my family because they let me get a dog, and I went to see "Black Panther."

Jaleel Young

Grade 2, Oakdale

Encouraging parents: I love my family very much! My dad always helps me with sports and always tells me I'm doing good. My mom helps me when I'm hurt or when I'm sick, and she encourages me a lot.

Ashlyn Damerell

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Playing at the park: I have a wonderful family. I go to the park with my family. We go swimming at Lake Wildwood. My family and I like to play T ball. I love my family very much.

Kiah Feazel

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Super kind: I love my family. My family is fun. They are super kind and nice. They always play with me. They are super fun.

Carly Whitcomb

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Raising me well: My family has six members in it. That includes Kami, Derek, Taryn, Danielle, me and Hazel. I like my family because they let me play sports. They try their best to raise me and keep me safe.

Dane Strunk

Grade 2, Heyworth

Drive to Florida: I love my family. I have a mom and dad and three brothers. Their names are Harry, Oliver and Charlie. We like to drive to Florida sometimes. We go to Dairy Queen sometimes. We play at the park.

Lucy Vercruysse

Grade 1, Grove

Big family: I have 18 people, counting me. I have three dogs, so it is equal to 21. I have two nieces and one nephew.

Samuel Beaty

Grade 3, Fox Creek

They're awesome: I love my family. My dad tickles me when I get up for school. I love my dad's grandma because she sews. She made a Power Ranger and "Cars" quilt. I love my grandma and grandpa because they're awesome. 

Lee Milashoski

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Baby on the way: I love my family because we are always making jokes and laughing, and it's always fun when my family's around. And my family is growing because my mom is pregnant, and she is having a girl. I am so excited, and my house has girl stuff everywhere.

Devin Crew

Grade 5, Fairview

Special sister: My sister is special to me. She likes to take me with her. We like to play games together. She likes to help me do math. I love my sister.

Samiyah Mayes

Grade 2, Fairview

There for me: I love my family because they are there when I need them. My mom helps me when I have an injury. My dad helps me laugh when I am sad. My sister Maeve plays with me when I am bored.

Kylie Runyon

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Playing games: My family is fun, and we love to play games together. My dad and my sister do Nerf guns. My mom and I like to read and write together. My sister and I like to play and be funny and goof around. I love my family so much.

Emery Robison

Grade 2, Benjamin

Hanging out at home: I love my family, and I have a lot of fun with them. From going on vacation to hanging out at home. I like having sister sleepovers and watching movies with my parents. I really like when my mom and dad don't have to work so we can have family dinners.

Kylie Selucky

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Supports each other: My family supports each other. We attend my sister's concerts and plays. We watch my brother's cross country meets. And they cheer for me at my soccer games. My family helps us do the best we can!

Lily Ewing

Grade 1, Prairieland

Staying strong: Mom is so strong. I look up to my mom for everything. Dad is always there for me. When I ever feel like being sad or giving up, he'd stop me and tell me to keep my head up and stay strong. Sis: Sometimes we don't get along but sometimes also we're best friends.

Cambrie Jarman

Grade 5, Oakdale 

Family of four: We love our family so much! I have four people in my family. I also have two dogs. I live with my mom and my dad. I also live with my brother. My family goes to the creek in the summer. Our family cares about us a lot!

Raelyn Romani

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Playing outside: My family and I like hanging out, and we like to play outside. I love to ride my grandpa's horse. We have three dogs. We love to go on walks.

Makenna Roth

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Things to do: I love my family because they're funny, nice and supportive. I like to go on walks with them in the summer. I also like to play board games with my family on Saturday nights. I also like to cook with my mom and sister. I like to build things with my dad and brother.

Angel Vega

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Beautiful family: I love my dad, my mom and my sister. I love my dad. He taught me a lot of interesting games. I love my sister because she helps me stay organized. I love my mom because she takes good care of me. I have a beautiful family.

Jia Mathew

Grade 2, Benjamin