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Power up: My favorite type of music is pop. I like it because it gets me nice and powered up. It is also nice to listen to when you are mad. I love Michael Jackson because in some songs there is a message. For example, in the song "Man in the Mirror," it tells you to be kind and make a change.

Giannah Flores

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Fun music: My favorite singer is JoJo Siwa. Her music is fun. I like her song "Boomerang." I also like "Bad Blood" by Taylor.

Keianna Nelson

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Inspired: I love Imagine Dragons. They make amazing songs. My favorite is "Top of the World." It always makes me feel confident. If I could listen to their songs during a scary time, I would take that option in a heartbeat. 

Grace Johnson

Grade 4, Stevenson

Instruments: My favorite musical instrument is the guitar because it has strings and can play rock'n'roll music. My second favorite instrument is the flute because it makes music like birds chirping. My third favorite is the trumpet because it makes funny music.

Lawson Detloff

Grade 2, Stevenson

Hip-hop: My favorite genre of music is hip-hop because I like to listen to the beats and they are fun to dance to. I hear hip hop mostly when I am in the car with my mom.

Carlie Polk

Grade 3, Sheridan

Terrific: Thomas Rhett is my favorite music artist, and there are many reasons everyone should like him. One reason is that he has never used one word of profanity when singing. I like to hear a clean song when I listen to the radio. He has three spectacular albums and a stupendous family.

Brady Pollett

Grade 5, Prairieland

Music moves: I especially love Michael "MJ" Jackson. My favorites are "Billie Jean," "Bad" and "Smooth Criminal." My favorite moves are the moonwalk (I can almost do it) and the "Smooth Criminal" lean. I like MJ because his legs are like jello, so he can do almost anything.

Keagan Brown

Grade 4, Prairieland

Country: I really, really like country music! One of my favorite singers is Scotty McCreery. He knows how I feel. In his song "Five More Minutes," he sings about how his grandpa passed away. When my grandpa passed away, it struck me in the heart.

Kylie Pollett

Grade 3, Prairieland

Always dancing: Music reminds me to dance all the time. I like fast beats in music. My favorite pop stars are JoJo Siwa, Miley Cyrus, Taylor and Taylor Swift. For me music is something that makes me happy.

Siya Rishiraj

Grade 1, Prairieland

Telling a story: My favorite music is country music because it tells a story about something that is happening or has happened in the past. My favorite song is "Fish and a Whistle" because it has really great lyrics and such a nice tune to it.

Lillian Robinson

Grade 1, Olympia South

Awesome songs: My favorite band is 5 Seconds of Summer. They sing "She's Kinda Hot," "Don't Stop," "Girls Talk Boys" and "Amnesia." These are awesome songs. I also like how smooth the music is.

Lilly Shawback

Grade 3, Oakland

Dancing music: My favorite kind of music is any kind that you can dance to. Just play music and I will dance. Both my brother and I love to dance to anything with a good beat. We never mind if we mess up; we just do it to have some fun.

Jaida Kumi-Darfour

Grade 3, Oakdale

Good beats: My favorite music is heavy metal. I like drums because they give a good beat in the song. I also like playing the guitar, and I am good at it. I hurt my hand playing the guitar and drums — not at the same time. It takes a lot of practice to play the guitar and drums.

Devin Terry

Grade 2, Oakdale

Cool pop: My favorite music is pop. JoJo Siwa sings "Candy Store." I love her. She is cool.

Cheyanne Jones

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Love the drums: Do you like the drums? I think they are fun! One reason is because they make a loud noise. Another reason is my favorite shape is a circle. And another reason is my brother and I can make a band. 

Bristol Schoon

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn  

Band practice: My favorite band is the Avett Brothers. The people in the band and the actual Avett brothers are Seth Avett, Cole Avett and Bob Avett. In order to be singers, they had to practice their songs, help each other make their songs better and had to focus.

Lucas Watson

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Head to Nashville: My favorite music is country. I want to go to Nashville. I love country music.

Layne Toohill

Grade 2, Heyworth

Music class: I like music. My favorite song is "Head, Shoulders, Baby 1, 2, 3." Mr. Myers taught us that song in music class. It is my favorite because first, we do it one time; next, we do it one time; finally, we have to do it three times.

Sai Vankamamidi

Grade 1, Grove

Wild music: My favorite music is hip-hop. I like to dance and have fun, but it sometimes gets wild. Sometimes you can break stuff. I also like "Kidz Bop" because it's fun to dance to with your family.

Nikaela Thompson

Grade 4, Fox Creek

Disney happy: My favorite kind of music is Disney music. I like music from the movies. I listen to it before I go to sleep. It helps me relax. Disney music makes me happy.

Caleb Emmert

Grade 3, Fox Creek

Song and dance: I like to make my own songs. My sister dances to my songs. When I sing my sister pretends to ice skate. I like to sing songs because they make me happy. I like to sing because it sounds pretty. I like to sing songs because I like to dance to them.

Leah Armes

Grade 1, Fieldcrest

Listen to the beat: I like pop music because it is so interesting, and I like the beat. I always hear it in the car with my sister. I like rock music, too, but not that much.

Jazmin Ventura

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Good time: Music helps me calm down or have fun. Music is a way to express yourself and to have a good time. There is peaceful, jazz-type music and pop music.

Kaya Patel

Grade 2, Benjamin

Habit of singing: I love to sing when I get a chance. Singing music is so much fun for me, and singing has become so much of a habit, just like talking.

Abrianna Williams

Grade 5, Sugar Creek 

Christmas music: My favorite song is "Jingle Bells." It makes me think about Christmas. I like Christmas music.

Vamir Burdunice

Grade 1, Sugar Creek 

Quiet thoughts: I don't listen to music. I prefer my thoughts to listen to. They are quieter.

Anna Moudy

Grade 4, Stevenson

Sing in real life: My favorite music is Taylor Swift music. I like her new album, "Reputation." I like her so much that I went to a concert of hers with my cousin in Chicago. It was so fun because I got to hear her sing in real life!

Ella Terrian

Grade 2, Stevenson

Catchy tune: My favorite song is "Bad at Love." It is really catchy. It can be on "Kidz Bop." I have it on my tablet. Do you like it? It is so good!

Addison Hallmark

Grade 3, Sheridan

Live for Sheeran songs: I have a favorite songwriter and that is Ed Sheeran. I live for his songs. I live for love songs, and his new song (but not that new) is called "Perfect." I am telling you to listen to it; you will fall in love the moment it plays.

Joanna Brown

Grade 4, Prairieland

Musical reminder: My favorite song is "Thunder." The song reminds me of when I was little and me telling me dad, "When it storms, will it always have lightning?" He said, "No." That is why I like the song, because it reminds me of when I was little.

Robert Flori

Grade 3, Prairieland

Like the beat: My favorite song is "Uptown Funk." I like the beat. When I hear the music, I start to dance and sing along.

Garner Wiens

Grade 1, Olympia South

Hip-hop at dance class: My favorite type of music is hip-hop. I do dance classes for hip-hop, too! It is really fun to do it. You get to do cartwheels and hip-hop freezes, which are super fun! I also like rap and pop, which are fun to listen to.

Brystal Riess

Grade 3, Oakdale

Soothing sounds: My favorite music is country because it is soothing to me. And also it is fun to listen to for me. I like it because it is not loud. It is quiet.

Isaac Prescher

Grade 2, Jefferson Park 

Dance and share: My favorite music is pop. You can dance to the beat. You can sing to the music. You can share with your friends. Pop music is awesome music.

Adan Joaquin

Grade 4, Fox Creek

Favorite rapper: My favorite song is "Gucci Gang" because it has my favorite rapper, Lil Pump. It's a good song.

Alejandro Tena

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

"Despacito" singalong: One of my favorite songs is "Despacito." My aunt sang it in the car. I also followed along.

Deeptha Obulreddygari

Grade 2, Benjamin