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Protective dog: My favorite pet was my dog, Jack. We had him when I was a baby, but I've seen pictures of me and him together. I like dogs because they're protective. Dogs are fun. Dogs are good listeners.

Isaac Gregson

Grade 2, Benjamin

Cute kitty: My cat's name is Stash. He is so cute and fluffy. Stash sleeps a lot, but he is so cute when he sleeps. I love him so much. He looks like Batman when he sleeps.

Taylor Gillenwater

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Hungry puppy: I have a pet cockapoo. Her name is Ivy. My family calls her Puppy Ivy. Whenever it's time to eat, Ivy rushes over to my baby sister's high chair and starts eating!

Agnes Head

Grade 2, Epiphany

Glad to have a pet: I am glad to have a pet. It is a dog, and his name is Loki. He is a boy. He is cute. We like playing. He likes sleeping with me. 

Aubree Goralczyk

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Play fetch: If I had a pet I would want a puppy because they are cute. And I like puppies because they are furry and fluffy. I would play fetch with my puppy. And we would take a walk with my puppy.

Shrinath Hariharan

Grade 1, Grove

Best dog ever: My favorite dog is Danielle. She was the best ever. She was so fluffy. Danielle made my heart break because she was so cute. She always slept by me. 

Isaiah Harrison

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Go with a golden: My favorite pet is a dog because dogs are loyal and playful. If I had to pick a dog it would be a golden retriever puppy. A dog is like a friend.

Aarush Pathuri

Grade 5, Northpoint

Teach them tricks: My favorite animal is a dog. They are cute, and they don't harm a cat. They are easy to train. You can teach them tricks.

Micah Snyder

Grade 2, Oakdale

First cat: My favorite pet is Poesy. She was my first cat. Sometimes she would get on her hind legs! She always slept on my bed. She was a great cat.

Kaelyn Brassfield

Grade 5, Parkside

Canine helpers: Once a month I go to my grandma's to get my grandma's dogs. I put them in sweaters and in a harness, and I put a leash on my grandma's dogs. The reason we do this is to bring the dogs to the nursing home to make people happy.

Adrianna Luchtefeld

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Ornery dog: My favorite pet is a dog because I have one, and he is real ornery. He goes outside and gets all muddy. He is funny Murphy.

Aiden Tipton

Grade 2, Prairie Central

A good friend: I want a dog because they are very playful. We could play games. He would be a very good friend. I would call him Chase.

Jameson McGraw

Grade 3, Prairieland

Teach responsibility: My favorite pet is my dog, Belle. She might be wild, but she is so cute! Also, what is good about dogs is that they help kids learn responsibility. And when you're feeling down in the dumps, your dog will help you feel better.

Owen Kaufman

Grade 4, Prairieland

Police dogs: My favorite dog is a police dog because they're cool and have sharp teeth.

Zion Binion

Grade 3, Sheridan

Playing laser tag: My favorite pet is a cat because cats can be mean but they are mostly playful. My cat is a big fan of red lasers. She can jump really high, like the time when I pointed it like 50 inches up the wall. 

Jeremiah Felton

Grade 2, Stevenson

Ticklish dogs: I love all dogs big and small. Dogs are so cute because their eyes are so big. Another reason is that they lay on their back and you can tickle them. I would have a husky because they look so cuddly.

Caleb Tyus

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Taste for treats: My favorite pet is my dog. He is the best dog in the whole, entire world. He loves treats. He even likes chicken.

Ivan Cordero

Grade 1, Tri-Valley

Long-lived fish: My favorite pet is my fish, Bubbles. He is a goldfish. He has been alive for a long time.

Ellee Hatcher

Grade 3, Benjamin

Colorful fish: I have seven fishes, and they are colorful. They swim all day long. I have a big fish tank. In my fish tank I have colorful plants, gems, coral and a house for them. Taking care and watching them grow is fun.

Siya Rishiraj

Grade 1, Prairieland