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Good sportsmanship: My hero is Stephen Curry. He is my idol. I have liked him since the Warriors won the title. Every time I see him play, he gets hot. He also has good sportsmanship every time he plays. 

Amare Conner

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Good friend: My hero is my friend Jordan. He stands up for me, and he is nice.

Claire Beeman

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Sister love: My hero is my sister. She plays with me. She makes me cry tears of joy. She loves me with all her heart. She cries when I leave for school. 

Leah Spice

Grade 4, Stevenson

Helpers: My heroes are firefighters and doctors. Doctors are my heroes because they help people when they are sick. Also, doctors help people when they are hurt. Firefighters are my heroes because they save people. Also they teach kids to be safe and not touch lighters. 

Eva Barker

Grade 2, Stevenson

Life friend: My hero is Dorian. Dorian has been my friend almost my whole life, and he is still my friend. We play, laugh, go squirt water guns and other fun stuff.

Kamren Smith

Grade 3, Sheridan

Carry on: My hero is my uncle, Andrew Butler. He was one of seven men who died in the tragic plane crash. I was very, very sad when this changed my life. I wish to carry on his sayings and be more like him.

Cole Gentsch

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Detective dad: My hero is my dad because he works at the Bloomington Police Department as a detective, so he finds fingerprints and evidence. Sometimes he goes to cool places like Saint Louis, and when he comes home he brings special gifts like pens and stickers. 

Audra Krylowicz

Grade 4, St. Mary's

Freedom seeker: When I look in the mirror I think of what this man did for black people. His name is Martin Luther King Jr. He gave speeches and quotes telling everyone to never give up, and that they should fight for their rights and stand high above them all.

Zyon Jackson 

Grade 5, Prairieland

Civil rights: My hero is Susan B. Anthony because without her girls would not have civil rights. She traveled all around just for women; it took years, but she did it. Sometimes I wonder what she would be doing if she was here today.

Joann Brown

Grade 4, Prairieland

Amazing mom: My mom will always mean everything to me. She is loved when I sit with her and say "I love you"; understanding when I am confused; and brave when something is dangerous. She is caring when I'm sick or hurt, and patient when we have to wait in line.

Mikayla Chambers

Grade 3, Prairieland

Fast like me: My hero is Usain Bolt. He is my hero because he runs fast like me. I hope to be him like him when I grow up.

Keaton North

Grade 2, Prairieland

Rescuer: My hero is my brother. I fell in the lake. He saved me.

Anna Descarpentrie

Grade 1, Prairieland

Marine hero: My hero is Calvin Mason. He is a Marine. I am proud of him because he is serving our country.

Charli Mason

Grade 2, Prairie Central

There for me: My daddy is my hero because I love him and he's always there for me. He's the best person in the world. He tucks me in at night and says good night to me.

Natalie Kirin 

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Family bonds: My hero is my 13-year-old brother. Although we have our ups and downs, we are still family. If anyone is cut out to be my hero, it's my older brother.

Kylie Phillips

Grade 5, Parkside

Understanding: My hero is Dr. Dustman because he really helped me when I broke my pinky. He was also really nice and understanding. I'm really glad Dr. Dustman was my doctor and not someone else.

Margaret Sila

Grade 2, Parkside

Teacher: Mrs. Mandy Owens is my hero. She is my Sunday school teacher. She tells us about God.

Alivia Lovelett

Grade 1, Olympia South

Role model: My dad is my hero. I like him because he has super cool brown eyes. I love him because he taught me to be respectful, kind, lovable to all. When I grow up, I want to be like my dad.

Mohamed Insaf

Kindergarten, Oakland

Friend fairies: I think my hero is my best friend Mariah Crawford and myself because whenever our friends have a problem we split up and put on our fairy wings and go help them. I truly believe we are heroes.

Kahlijah Grandberry

Grade 3, Oakdale

Dad helper: My hero is my dad because he always helps me do my homework. He helps me get away from a stranger. We go outside. When I fall off my bike he says, "Are you OK?" I say, "Yes, I'm OK, Dad." When I fall off the bike, he saves me.

Jaleel Young

Grade 2, Oakdale

Amazing singer: My hero is Miley Cyrus. My opinion is that she is amazing. She is a great singer. I like all her songs.

Luci Martinez

Grade 3, Northwest

Does it all: My hero is my mom because she helps me with my homework. And she does everything for me. 

Avery Wood

Grade 2, Northpoint

Loving dad: My hero is my dad. He gets me a lot of stuff and even gives me money. My dad helps me with my homework. If I need help he would help me even if he needed to go to work. I love my dad, and my dad loves me.

Trinity Skelton

Grade 4, New Holland-Middletown

Best friend forever: My hero is my dad because if someone hurts me he'll call the police. He will protect me all the time because he loves me. My dad is my favorite hero. He will be my best friend forever.

Lily Dunn

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Dad and daughter: My dad is my hero. I remember when my first dad-and-daughter night was. My dad said, "Chili's Daddy and Daughter Princess night is tonight." I said, "Can we go?" "Sure," my dad said. So we did. It was awesome – best night ever.

Gabby Oakley

Grade 2, Hudson

Parent protectors: To me a hero is someone who can protect me and keep me safe. I have two people that I consider my heroes. They are my parents. They work hard to pay for my house and to provide food for the family. My parents spend a lot of time with me and make me feel special.

Tyler Bell

Grade 2, Heyworth

Teaching and more: My favorite hero is Mrs. Goelitz because she teaches us a lot of stuff. She gives us candy on Fridays. And she is nice.

Shrinath Hariharan

Grade 1, Grove

Safety lesson: My hero is my brother Eric. We were playing in my cousin's pool when I was 4 years old. I fell under and was fighting to get up when he pulled me up and took me to my mom. That's why he is my hero. 

Chloe DeMatteo

Grade 3, Fox Creek