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Role model Ruth: My favorite athlete is Babe Ruth. Baseball is my favorite sport, and I see him as my role model.

Claudia Harrison

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

My new year: In my culture, the new year is called Ugadi. It is made of two words: "yuga" and "adi." It is said that on this date the universe was created. During Ugadi, we feast on Indian delicacies, say prayers, worship god, and get together. This year, Ugadi was March 18.

Adhrut Kulkarni

Grade 3, Stevenson

Favorite animal: My favorite animal is a dog because it is cute. It is soft and fun to play with and very adorable. It can be different colors. 

Jacob Orien

Grade 2, Stevenson

My teachers: My teachers for my whole life have been nice, especially my third-grade teacher. When I walk into the classroom, I see her and she fills my heart up with joy. My first-grade teacher gave us candy when we went to sleep when she read to us.

Javaya Pace

Grade 3, Sheridan

Favorite movie: Pue! Pue! That is the sound of someone shooting in "Star Wars." "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is the best movie in the world. I say that because it is full of action and comedy, and there is more fantasy. Another reason it is best is that everything is made so well. 

Johnnie Behrends

Grade 5, Prairieland

Magical books: I simply love books. They take you places you've never been. You could go to a different world in two seconds flat. Sometimes I read hours a day in my library. I love to read. I can't go anywhere without a book.

Addison McConkey

Grade 4, Prairieland

Guinea pigs: I love having guinea pigs as pets. They're so adorable! Their names are Chewie and Munch. They are both fast and furry. When they get excited or happy they jump and twist like they are in a musical. It is called "popcorning."

Kylie Zimmerman

Grade 3, Prairieland

My awesome life: My life is always awesome. My mom and dad make my life happy. My friends brighten my life. My school is the best school. My life makes me a queen.

Siya Rishiraj

Grade 1, Prairieland

Mom in my heart: I like giving love and spending time with my mom. My mom is so special to me. Even though I have to go to school, she is always in my heart. 

Aviana Bollinger

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

At the dentist: I went to the dentist. I picked raspberry for the tooth tickler and the fluoride treatment.

Asher Clark

Grade 1, Olympia South

Many genres: Books are things you can learn from. There are different types of books and genres. Some might like history, humor, mystery, science and more. Books help your imagination grow, which is a great thing. 

Dheeptha Manoj

Grade 3, Oakland

Pop music: My favorite type of music is pop. I love pop because you can be yourself and express your feelings. I think everybody should express feelings.

Aubrey Lynch

Grade 4, Oakdale

My heroes: My dad is my hero because he does everything for me and my sister. He does cooking, cleaning and playing. My mom is awesome because she cooks, cleans and plays, too. They have one thing in common: They love me so much. They love my sister and me.

Rylin Zumwalt

Grade 3, Oakdale

Learn to dance: I go to the BCAI School of Arts dance class. I take hip-hop dancing at the BCAI — that stands for Breaking Chains & Advancing Increase. We are learning lots of dances. We perform them at all different places.

Angela Rattan

Grade 2, Oakdale

Dad's big job: My dad is CEO of our family-owned trucking company, Nussbaum Trucking. My older brother and aunt work for him. His dad originally owned the company. When he passed away, he passed the huge job to his son, Brent (my dad). I love my dad and what he does.

Sophie Nussbaum

Grade 5, Northpoint

Basketball time: Basketball is a wonderful sport. I myself say I'm really good at it. It gives you a lot of energy, but you need to drink a lot of water.

Avery Holzbauer

Grade 3, Northpoint

Jumping: I love to jump on my trampoline. I jump with my sister, Bella. I like playing popcorn.

Aidan Gasparini

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Softball fun: I am going to play softball, and it will be fun. Softball is cool because I will make new friends. I will have many games to play. I will hit the ball and run the bases. Softball will be fun to play.

Ellie Hillison

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Ouch: One time I kicked the net off my trampoline. I fell out. Fortunately, my parents were outside. Unfortunately, there was a patio. I got a cast.

Isaac Krugger

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Showing kindness: Kindness is helping people. This is holding the door for people when they are holding bags or helping kids up when they fall. One more thing that shows kindness is helping to pick up when recess is over. 

Grace Hartwig

Grade 2, Heyworth

Can't wait for spring: It is almost spring! I can't wait! I like spring because it is warm! I like the flowers, too! They are very pretty!

Gianna Bernetti

Grade 1, Grove

Cricket wireless phone: I got a new phone. My phone is a Cricket wireless phone. This is the first time I have a phone, but my mom has lots of phones. After school today I am going to play on it. Make sure you ask your mom if you could get a Cricket wireless phone.

Nikaela Thompson

Grade 4, Fox Creek

Future tennis player: When I grow up I want to be a tennis player. My dad said, "If you want to be a tennis player you have to practice and put in a lot of effort and focus." And I have a tennis racket so I can practice.

Anish Paramkusam

Grade 3, Hoose

Discover new things: In the future I am going to be a scientist to discover new things about the Earth! I will have lots of fun being a scientist!

Ryan Lawson

Grade 2, Hoose

Supportive family: I do not know what I would do without my family. We all support each other. They give me everything I need to succeed in life. I love my family so much and I know they love me, too. They will love me to the end, and I will love them to the end.

Taylor Gillenwater

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Disney Crossy Road: My favorite game is Disney Crossy Road. A reason I like it is because it has a lot of varieties of things. For example there is a thing called "daily mission." Like real Crossy Road you get a chicken and you have to cross the street without "dying."

Aarti Sririvasan

Grade 3, Benjamin

Gymnastics challenge: I love to do gymnastics. I enjoy trying different events and pushing myself to get better. The great thing is when you challenge yourself and fall down, you just get back up and keep trying!

Anya O'Shea

Grade 2, Benjamin

Helping people: My favorite thing in the world is to help people. Even if they're mean. I clean people's houses for free and mow lawns for free, too. Helping is nice.

Jacob Ehrich

Grade 3, Sheridan

Zebra fan: Do you like zebras? I think they are cute. One reason is they can run very fast. Another reason is that they are white and black. They also start with Z, and my name starts with Z.

Zoe Zick

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Family's jobs: I am writing about my family. My mom is getting a new job. My dad paints houses for people. My nanny baby-sits my cousins. My grandpa fixes people's stuff.

Lily Dunn

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Gymnastics fun: I like gymnastics because my gymnastics teacher, Ms. Ashten, lets us do fun things like go on bars, beam and vault and lets us jump in the pit.

Selena Alsaqri

Grade 2, Hoose

Spring outside: I love spring. I love spring because flowers are blooming. I like to pay in the grass. I love spring so much because it is getting warmer. I play outside and I play badminton. I play with my dad.

Arnav Hiremath

Grade 1, Grove

Love for pets: My love for my pets is love, and all of that love comes from the heart. I love all my cats just the same. My love for a dog is almost the same, but not as much. I love cats more because they are more relaxed.

Chloe Hadden

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Why I like spring: Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I like spring because it's nice weather outside. I also like spring because that is when my birthday is. Also, Easter is in spring, too. Another reason I like spring is because the flowers bloom, and it looks so lovely.

Allen Varghese

Grade 3, Benjamin