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Best family in the world: My family is the best family in the world! I think they are the best family in the world because they are extremely awesome! My family adopted me. I loved them when I saw them for the first time! I love them right now and forever.

Owen Henderson

Grade 2, Benjamin

Why I like winter: I like winter because I make snowmen. I like winter because I can play in the snow, and I like winter because it has my birthday and Christmas and my sister's birthday. It is fun in winter.

Keiry Lorenzo

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Going to school: My favorite thing to do is go to school. I like school because I like reading at the rug. I like it because I like doing homework. I like it because I like doing math and playing at recess with my friends. 

Analia Rodriguez

Grade 1, Grove

Snow day plan: If I had a snow day, I would play outside with my brother. We would build a snowman. Then we would get in a snowball fight. We would have a lot of fun!

Kaden Esposito

Grade 2, Heyworth

12 days of School: My teacher gave to me 12 sharpened pencils, 11 Crayola crayons, 10 good notes, 9,000 hangers, eight pencils to sharpen, seven rooms to vacuum, six art projects to finish, five demerits, four timeouts, three homework passes, two cases of pink eye and a note to go to my mom.

Jacob Gant

Grade 4, High Road

New Year's Day cake: My favorite holiday is New Year's Day because we always eat cake. That's my favorite thing to eat on New Year's Day. New Year's Day is Jan. 1.

Harsimran Chabra

Grade 2, Hoose

Things to give: I'm working on donating things I don't want or that don't fit. Yesterday I went through my shoes, and I got rid of five pairs. Today I'm going to the store to buy toys for people who don't have any toys or even for people who have old or rundown toys because I have all I could wish for.

Katie Whisker

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Cleaning the park: I love to clean up the park because it looks very beautiful. It makes the earth not get sick. After that we can get pizza. Cleaning up the earth is a very important thing to do.

Zoe Zick

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Muddy Madness: Splash! Let's get muddy! Muddy Madness is my favorite place to go. In Muddy Madness, you have to go through a lot of muddy obstacles. My favorite obstacles are the mud pool and mud river.

Tristan Burle

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

New winter sport: My new sport's name is snow bows. You play it with the bow, and you try to get the target. Outside is where you play it.

Airlyn Myers

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Who's a winner?: A winner is not someone who wins but gets out when they are supposed to, someone who is willing to lose every now and then but wins in the heart. The question is, did you really try?

Abram Rader

Grade 5, Parkside

Singing Dora: My favorite toy is a Dora that sings to me. It has a purple skirt and it has flowers and a yellow shirt. It also sings "Happy Birthday!" to me, and it says it in Spanish.

Gianna Maxison

Grade 1, Prairieland

Being kind: Has anyone been kind to you? You should always be nice to anyone you know, like your friends. Probably you'll see them at school, so be nice to them there. If they tripped, you could help them up. It feels nice to be kind.

Harrison Pope

Grade 2, Prairieland

In third grade: When I am in third grade I want to work hard to have my handwriting nice and neat. I want to be smart at third grade. I like to eat healthy food so I can be smart.

Tian Xiang Chen

Grade 2, Oakdale

Some favorite things: I have a lot of favorite things. Here are a few of mine: My favorite color is purple. My favorite foods are tacos and pizza. My favorite fruit is a banana. My favorite sports are dancing and gymnastics.

Brystal Riess

Grade 3, Oakdale

Love my family: I love my family because we give love to others. I love them. They're the best. They're proud of me. I like to play with my family.

Rylee Dano

Grade 1, Olympia South

Homemade tacos: My favorite food is tacos, especially when they're my mom's homemade juicy, greasy tacos. I just love it when you go to pick up the tacos and you have that good grease drip out from the back and you discover it's between your fingers. 

Lily Steinhoff

Grade 4, Prairieland

Fun in the snow: When snow comes down it makes the green grass glisten like a million diamonds. I love to play in the snow with my sisters! We build forts with my dad and make big snowmen! My dad once built us a colossal-sized fort! It was as fun as an amusement park! 

Felicity Brim

Grade 5, Prairieland

Volleyball tradition: The thing that I love about volleyball is that my mom, dad and sister did it. Who is going to be next? Well, me. I want to be good to show my mom and dad that I can do it. When we go to the park, we can play volleyball together.

Kasey Contreras

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Blue's the hue: My favorite color is blue because blue is light and dark. The sky is blue. Paper can be blue. A blue jay is blue. I love blue. What's your favorite color?

Addison Hallmark

Grade 3, Sheridan

My football coach: My football coach is a great teacher. He helps me with my throws and catches. When I play my games our team wins.

Kagden Hawk

Grade 2, Stevenson

Pizza party place: I like to play at Chuck E. Cheese's. Chuck E. Cheese's is cool because it has games. I like to eat pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Vamir Burdunice

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Read to relax: My favorite hobby is to read. I like to read because it's relaxing, and it's like a movie in your head. My favorite things to read are long novels about fantasy. I love to read in my free time!

Layla Winn

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Growing apples: To grow an apple you need an apple seed. Then you have to water it and let the sun shine on it. Then it will turn into a sprout, then a tree, then an apple flower, then a green apple and then a ripe apple. Then you can eat it.

Shaurya Didigam

Grade 1, Grove

Out in the snow: If it was a snow day I would put on my warm clothes and then I would go outside. Last I will get the supplies to make a snowman.

Miley Rapson

Grade 2, Heyworth

Family love always: I love my family so much because they are so nice to me and they always love me. And I will always love them. I will always be kind, and I will always, always love, love, love them!

Kate Kelly

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

My game system: I'm writing about my DS. It has two screens. My DS games are Mario Kart DS, Super Mario Bros DS and Cars DS. I play two games with my brother. My DS is a cool game.

Rush Tomlinson

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn  

Like to paint: I like to paint. I like to paint pictures because I like to make cute pictures.

Anabella Roethle

Grade 1, Prairieland

A great day: Yesterday I woke up early for a hockey game. Then I did martial arts at ATA. When I got home, I played my Switch with Dad. At night, I saw a Peoria Rivermen hockey game. It was a great day.

Logan Moran

Grade 2, Prairieland

Pet hippo: If I had any pet in the world I would pick a hippo because I've always wanted a hippo. When we went to the zoo I got to see a hippo and it was so big! Also, hippos are water and land animals, which is super cool.

Isaac Evans

Grade 4, Prairieland

Favorite book: My favorite book is "Mark of Athena" because it's funny and it's action-packed. I like it because it's over 300 pages long.

Blake Henderson

Grade 5, Sugar Creek