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Best friend: My best friend is Claudia. She is so nice. We go everywhere together. She makes me very happy. She comforts me when I am sad and mad. If we could be siblings, we would both say, "Yes!"

Giannah Flores

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Great place: School is a great place to go. At school, you learn, have fun and on special days you might get treats. You get recess at school. Recess is when you go outside, get all of your energy out and play games.

Ben Hopper

Grade 2, Stevenson

Like about myself: Things I like about myself are I am kind and helpful. I help people out, and I care about everyone. This is everything I like about myself.

Bryan Futrell

Grade 3, Sheridan

Scrumdiddlyumptious: Ding! Ding! "I'll get the cupcakes!" I just baked some red velvet cupcakes, and I am about to pull them out of the oven. When I do, they smell like heaven. They're made from scratch and fresh from the oven, so they're nice and thermal. I cherish baking. 

Kendall Opsal

Grade 5, Prairieland

Love of writing: I love to write. You can write whatever you want and make whatever story you want. Your story could be dramatic, happy, fantasy or just a normal topic. I love to write fantasy, like fairies, people that are half cat, and kings and queens. 

Joanna Brown

Grade 4, Prairieland

Fast transportation: My favorite vehicle is the car because it is fast transportation. Walking is much slower than driving. Another reason the car is my favorite vehicle is because it is safer than a motorcycle. You can fall off a motorcycle if you are not careful. 

Donulus Schantz

Grade 3, Prairieland

Ice skating shows: Ice skating is what I like to do. I perform in shows with my friends. I get to wear sparkly dresses and wear makeup, too. I also compete individually. I like skating because I learn new jumps.

Sydney Stuber

Grade 1, Prairieland

Winter fun: I like to build snowmen with my family in the winter time because when we do,we start throwing snowballs to everyone. This is why I love Pepper Ridge and my family is so important.

Zariyah Banks

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Proud grandma: What makes my grandma happy is me doing my homework really neatly. She says that makes her proud.

Brynlee Hereford

Grade 1, Olympia South

The best dances: Almost every day I go to my dance school. It is so fun. The dance group is called BCAI (Breaking Chains & Advancing Increase). I do all classes, hip-hop that performs and hip-hop that doesn't, Bollywood and African. They are the best.

Joy Rattan

Grade 5, Oakdale

I like basketball: My favorite game is playing basketball with Owynn and Keagon. Sometimes we use a big and heavy ball; sometimes we use a small ball. It is fun to play a basketball game.

Collin Song

Grade 2, Oakdale

Spring fun: In the spring I play tag. I play with Scotty. I win.

Camdyn Skelton

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Best sport: I like to play T-ball because it is fun. T-ball is fun when you get to see your friends. I like to hit the ball.

Kiah Feazel

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Mousetrap trouble: I was messing with a mousetrap. I never noticed it was set, and I touched it. Slam! It hit my thumb. It felt like I broke my thumb.

Christian Clark

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Kindness: I think kindness means to be nice and give somebody a second chance. I learned about kindness from my teachers and my parents. For an example, at church I picked up a man's cough drop. At the end of church his wife said, "Thank you." Everyone should do kind acts.

Dane Strunk

Grade 2, Heyworth

Family fun: I like my family because on my birthday they make my favorite food. I like my family because they are nice, and they let us do fun stuff. My favorite thing to do with my family is play games. And I like doing crafts with my mom.

Laasya Ayyapusetty

Grade 1, Grove

Spring break: I like spring break. You can play outside. You can watch movies. You can go on vacation. You can pick flowers. You can play in the rain. I can go on a roller coaster. Spring break is the best week.

Adan Joaquin

Grade 4, Fox Creek

List about me: I love music. My favorite pop star is Taylor Swift. My favorite country star is Carrie Underwood. I have two sisters, one is 6 and one is 20. I have a brother who is 1 and a stepmom. I have two dogs, one puppy and a cat. 

Caydence Pistorius

Grade 3, Hoose

Good veterinarian: In the future I want to be a vet who takes care of pets who are sick. I want to be a vet because I love animals. I don't want to hurt them. I want to cure them when they are sick.

Mackenzie Owens

Grade 2, Hoose

Laptop gaming: On spring break I got a new laptop. I downloaded Roblox, "Call of Duty: Heroes," YouTube and "Minecraft" (story mode). Then I played Roblox. On Roblox I played "Freddy's Tycoon 3." I also decided to be in the Army.

Collin Sherwood

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary 

Loving family: My family is awesome. They are funny and happy. I love my family because they're fun and loving to each other. They take me places, and we have fun. My dog is so cute. He has black fur and we love him. He loves us.

Memphis Powell

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Favorite books: My favorite book is "Wonder" because it is such an amazing book. My second favorite book is "Dawn and the Impossible Three" because I love comics. My third favorite book is "The Maddie Diaries" because Maddie Ziegler is my all-time favorite dancer. 

Laynee Guyse

Grade 3, Benjamin

Cute pet dog: My pet dog, Yoda, is very cute. I love that we have a dog, and he makes me very happy all the time. My dog does good exercises and runs a lot. My dad mostly plays catch with my dog, and he loves doing that. Yoda is 12 years old and he is a caring dog. 

Ella Olson

Grade 2, Benjamin

California trip: I wish I could go to California, but they have earthquakes. But when I grow up I am going there. I am not staying long. I hope I will enjoy my trip.

Deja Louisville 

Grade 3, Sheridan

Be a leader: My goal for next year is to be a big leader to all my cousins and family so they can grow up like a leader. I will be respectful and responsible to everyone and everything. Those are just some of my goals for next year.

Natalie Kirin

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Dogs are best: Do you like dogs? I do. I think they are cute. The dog eats faster than the chickens. She licks my hand, and I can pet her. She also plays fetch with me. Pets are the best, especially dogs.

Eli McNear

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Making slime: I love to make slime. There are many different types of slime. I have lots of slime kits. You need glue, shaving cream and other things to make slime.

Addison Smith

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

All about me: I am going to tell you about me. First, I have black hair and a phone. I am good at math. My favorite subjects at school are P.E., art and science. I have a watch. My favorite movie is "Boss Baby." 

Mohamed Mahmoud

Grade 1, Grove

Library love: I like my school because it has a gigantic library. It has a bunch of books. I love to read books. When my class and I go to the library, I get so excited. I love my school library.

Molly Sikes

Grade 2, Hoose

SIT Conference: The Students Involved in Technology Conference is for kids grade 3 and up. They do stuff like learn about drones, make different types of slime, program dash and dot, learn how to make a hologram and all that stuff.

Aiden Cavinder

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Tasty french fries: My favorite food is french fries because they are very tasty and delicious. They are made out of potatoes. Almost all restaurants have french fries. If you like potatoes, you should try french fries.

Srija Tummala

Grade 2, Benjamin

Play with baby brother: My baby brother and I like to play. We have fun. I like to play with him. We do a lot. We have a lot of toys.

Maryssa Byrd

Grade 3, Sheridan

Everything about summer: I like summer because I can swim in a pool. I like to eat ice cream in summer. I can go on a field trip in summer. In summer I can eat sundaes. I can also drink chocolate-flavored milkshakes in summer.

Sai Vankamamidi

Grade 1, Grove 

Soccer player: My favorite sport is soccer because I get to move my legs and use my skills. My favorite players are Chicharito and Memo Ochoa. They're both on the Mexico team. My favorite team is Club America.

Brittany Sandoval

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

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