Last year: When I was in kindergarten, I saw a leprechaun. I wear green on St. Patrick's Day. I hope I have good luck.

D.J. Lewis

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Caught: I love St. Patrick's Day. I made a trap for a leprechaun. I put a gold coin under a cage. At night a leprechaun came to my house, picked up the coin and got trapped.

Rylie Kettelkamp

Grade 2, Stevenson

Like the day: I like St. Patrick's Day because in the morning my dad will wear something funny, and we will wear green. Later I would look for a four-leaf clover. 

Kaithlyne Balbuena

Grade 3, Sheridan

Mostly fun: One year I came home from school and looked by the stairs. I saw all my stuffed animals on every single step. A couple of them had mini hats on. When I opened my computer, I saw a paper four-leaf clover, and they were all around the house.

McKinley Pate

Grade 4, Prairieland

St. Patrick, the man: St. Patrick was born about 387 and got kidnapped by raiders from Ireland. He was a slave in Ireland. He escaped and went back to Britain. He became a priest. He went back to Ireland and told people what he believed.

Zack Vance

Grade 3, Prairieland

Green breakfast: On St. Patrick's Day, my mom makes me green eggs and ham. She dyes the eggs green and makes us ham. It is so good. I look forward to it all month.

Tyler Hupp

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

New food to try: I like St. Patrick's Day because of all the green. I want to try corned beef and cabbage.

Olyvia Adye

Grade 1, Olympia South

Birthday fun: St. Patrick's Day is my cousin's birthday. We go to the trampoline park and jump. We eat cake and have fun. We get to love my cousin and care for him.

Audrey Wahls

Grade 3, Oakdale

Lucky day: St. Patrick's Day is a lucky day because there is a tiny man who is a leprechaun. He comes in your house when you are asleep and looks for gold. I love St. Patrick's Day.

Eunice Khonde

Grade 2, Oakdale

Green milk: I like St. Patrick's Day because my dad turns my milk green. He also gives me Pot of Gold candy.

Asa Reedy

Grade 2, Northpoint

Traditions: Every St. Patrick's Day you wear green. Every St. Patrick's Day you get pinched. If you follow the rainbow, you will be rich. If you find a four-leaf clover, you will be lucky. Make sure you celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Cal Moore

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Rare finds: Leprechauns are rare to find. If you find one, you will get a pot of gold. They will give you their pot of gold. If you find a four-leaf shamrock, you will be lucky. The leprechauns are sneaky. They also leave footprints.

Andrew Pinkston

Grade 2, Irving

Coin gifts: Leprechauns are good at giving you coins. They always leave a trace that they were there. 

Fiona Fish

Grade 1, Home school

Good luck: Leprechauns are sneaky. There is always gold at the end of the rainbow. Shamrocks are good luck.

Rhoen Houston

Grade 2, Heyworth

What I know: St. Patrick's Day started in Ireland. Immigrants brought the holiday to the U.S. People say if you don't wear green, you will get pinched. This is what I know about St. Patrick's Day.

Ryan Ayel

Grade 4, Glenn

Set a trap: On St. Patrick's Day I will set a trap to catch the leprechaun. If I catch it, I will get my iPad and film it.

Alec Collins

Grade 3, Glenn

Likes the hunt: I like St. Patrick's Day. I like when we go on the scavenger hunt.

Brian Hanlan

Grade 2, Glenn

Leprechaun mess: My favorite part about St. Patrick's Day is the leprechaun comes and makes a mess. I like the color green. It is my favorite color. I like looking for shamrocks.

Maggie Wey

Grade 1, Epiphany

Birthday, too: St. Patrick's Day is the best because it is my birthday. It is also the day we celebrate St. Patrick. The Irish flag colors are green, orange and white.

Beth Matthew 

Grade 3, Corpus Christi

Slide down rainbow: When I think of St. Patrick's Day, I think of rainbows, leprechauns and gold. I wish that I had a rainbow that I could slide down into gold. If I had a whole pot of gold, I would be rich.

Megan Denslow

Grade 5, Cedar Ridge

Part Irish, too: I love St. Patrick's Day since I am a little bit Irish. Every year I make a trap for a leprechaun. This year I will catch one with a master plan.

Squire Oliviero

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Look for a rainbow: On St. Patrick's Day I try to find a rainbow. If I found a rainbow, I would follow it until I find a pot of gold. If I don't find a pot of gold, then I decorate my room for St. Patrick's Day. I make some cards for my friends and family.

Alexa Lynch

Grade 2, Benjamin

Hunt for gold: When I was in day care, my teacher set up a leprechaun hunt to find his gold. When we got out of the classroom, there were green spots all over the place. We picked up each and every green spot until we found the gold, which was cookies. We ate them all. 

Delilah Yepez

Grade 2, Stevenson

Lots of candy: On St. Patrick's Day, my grandma, my mom, brother and I go to a parade to get candy. We get a lot of candy. I will eat all that candy. We might get cavities, but I brush my teeth.

Mah'kah Marlett

Grade 3, Sheridan

Leprechauns: On St. Patrick's Day, my brother and I spray our hair green. I also make traps for leprechauns. If you don't already know, leprechauns come to your house and leave cool stuff, like Santa. I wonder what he will do this year. I hope he does not set off the alarm in my house.

Christopher Bishop

Grade 4, Prairieland

History: St. Patrick's Day came from someone named Padrig. He was kidnapped and taken to Ireland where he was a slave. He escaped and became a priest. He decided to go back to Ireland to tell people his beliefs about God.

Quinn Farmer

Grade 3, Prairieland

Family time: I like St. Patrick's Day because of parades and spending time with my family.

Sam Karun

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Hoping for gold: The leprechaun made a rainbow. If you find it, you get gold.

David Cordell

Grade 1, Olympia South

Lucky, the leprechaun:  If you don't wear green, you will get pinched. I have a leprechaun named Lucky. She leaves green sprinkles and golden chocolate candy. I like my leprechaun.

Jonathan Rodts

Grade 2, Oakdale

Fun idea: I like St. Patrick's Day because I like the idea of sliding down a rainbow and seeing a man in green and a pot of golden gold.

Scout Porter

Grade 2, Northpoint

Golden coin: If you have a golden coin and hide it on St. Patrick's Day, a leprechaun will come to your house while you are sleeping and get the coin. They always have a hole in their pocket so they will drop the coin when they leave. I always make a trap, but we don't catch one.

Summer Price

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Gift of gold: The leprechaun gave me his pot of gold because I found him. I celebrate St. Patrick's Day by playing leprechaun games. I celebrate by wearing green.

Justina Gibson

Grade 2, Irving

Lego trap: On St. Patrick's Day I try to catch a leprechaun at school and at home. I try to catch them by building a staircase built out of Legos. I have never caught one, but I want to.

Silas Crow

Grade 2, Heyworth

How we celebrate: We celebrate on March 17. People color rivers green. Irish people wear green. People dress up as leprechauns.

Madelon Hinkle

Grade 4, Glenn

Plans: My birthday is the day after St. Patrick's Day, but I am going to have it on the 17th.

Greg Harris

Grade 2, Glenn

Celebrate at Mass: Shamrocks are green. We go to Mass because it is St. Patrick's Day.

Ben Huber

Grade 1, Epiphany

Favorite holiday: I love St. Patrick's Day. It is my dad's favorite holiday. I eat a lot of Lucky Charms. I go to a parade. I have a lot of golden coins.

Morgan Leary

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Interesting: Leprechauns are very interesting. I think they eat Lucky Charms. They live in a tree. Leprechaun's beards are funny. They love St. Patrick's Day.

Izabella L'Heureux

Grade 2, Benjamin

Hidden presents: St. Patrick's Day is when a leprechaun comes to your house and gives you presents. It's hard to find them, but you just have to search everywhere, even outside. I hope you can find them.

Crystal Phung

Grade 2, Stevenson

Great time: St. Patrick's Day is a great holiday. I love wearing green. It's my favorite color. Don't forget if you do not wear green, you get pinched. Sometimes a leprechaun comes to your house. They make a mess. Wear green and have a great St. Patrick's Day.

Paisley Morrison-Anderson

Grade 3, Sheridan

Green food, too: I like St. Patrick's Day a lot because it is my birthday. My mom usually makes pancakes and puts green food coloring in them. She also puts green food coloring in our milk. One time we went to Krispy Kreme, and they had green doughnuts. I had apple juice to drink.

Addison Giosta

Grade 4, Prairieland