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Camp Limberlost: Camp Limberlost is so fun because you can swim and play. You can even have a trampoline in the water.

Landon Nieslawski

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Cat training: During summer I will play with my cat. I'm going to train it how to not scratch everyone. Also to get used to us and everyone else. Next, to not go behind the couch because he goes under there a lot.

Zoey Wilde

Grade 4, Fairview

Have a blast: My summer is going to be a blast. I am going to the pool. I am going to have so much fun. My dad is going to be there all the time, and I'm am going to eat Popsicles.

Bella Block

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Hitting the road: I want to have fun this summer. I'm going to the Wisconsin Dells. I'm going to Branson, too. I'm going to see the Statue of Liberty. That means I'm going to New York.

Sai Prabhav Vankamamidi

Grade 1, Grove

Fairview slides: My favorite thing to do in summer is go to Fairview Pool! I like the red slide, but my dad doesn't because it's too fast. Also, I do like the blue slide, but my dad doesn't because one time he fell off the tube and bonked his head!

Kathleen Rea

Grade 5, home school

Four-wheeler rides: I think summer is fun. I get to ride my four-wheeler. I get to go to play in the pool.

Loaghan Damron

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Sleep on the trampoline: This summer I will spend the night on the trampoline with my sister. I will bring some snacks on the trampoline. I will stay up all night. My sister and I will play games. Spending the night will be really fun.

Mason Cochran

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Swimming and naps: This summer I will go swimming and take a long nap. It will be so great. This will be a great summer.

Dale Davison

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Trip to Hawaii: I want to go to Hawaii this summer because it will be warm and sunny. Also I want to go to Hawaii because I want lessons for the ukulele, and I would play it for next year's talent show! I could also lie on the beach and play in the ocean! It would be fun!

Brystal Riess

Grade 3, Oakdale

No brain freeze: I like summer because when I eat ice cream it doesn't give me a brain freeze. Summer can give you a nice, relaxing day on the beach. Summer has a nice breeze to go with the hot sun.

Abigail Hughes

Grade 3, Oakland

Summer camp: In the summer I go to a summer camp. While we're at camp, we go on field trips. On Mondays and Wednesdays we go swimming and on Fridays we go on big field trips. Our teachers are funny, too!

Regina Aduku

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Fun in the sun: Fun in the sun! In the summer I like to swim in the pool. We like to take family camping trips. I like to jump on my trampoline. Most of all, I'm excited to celebrate my birthday.

Sophia Hospelhorn

Grade 1, Prairieland

Can't wait for summer: I can't wait for summer! Summer is when we don't go to school. I like summer because you can relax and go outside! I like to play catch with my family in the summer. We go camping every year. 

Jameson McGraw

Grade 3, Prairieland

Sports and Florida: Some things I'm doing for summer are golf, tennis, softball and, of course, I'm going swimming. But I'm mostly excited about going to Florida. I can go to the beach and spend time with family and friends.

Julie Bach

Grade 4, Prairieland

Time for camping: In the summer my family goes camping a lot! We will camp a million times this summer! We will camp in Michigan and see my cousins, aunt, uncle and grandparents!

Alayna Geraty

Grade 5, Prairieland

Excited for camp: In the summer I will go to a camp. I do not know what it is. I will have fun. I will have the best summer ever. I will be there with my friends.

Tashia Childs

Grade 3, Sheridan

Disney World: One thing I'd like to do this summer is go to Disney World. My dad, mom, sisters and I would go. We would take a plane. We would stay in Cinderella's castle for about one week and three days. We'd ride all the rides.

Eva Barker

Grade 2, Stevenson

Summer in Colorado: I can't wait to go to Colorado for the summer. I love the mountains, and I'm so glad that I won't have any school, too. I'm also excited to play on the Estes Park baseball team.

Luke Klunke

Grade 5, Sugar Creek