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Wish I could fly: I wish I could fly. I want to fly like a bird. I wish I could soar. I want to soar like a bird. I want to be able to glide. I want to glide like a plane. Flying sounds amazing, and I want to fly in the sky.

Lydia Springer

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Birds, butterflies and bugs: Some things that can fly are chirping, singing birds and, colorful, beautiful butterflies and red, spotted ladybugs. Most things that can fly are animals or insects, but there are some things that can fly but are not a part of nature such as airplanes, spaceships and helicopters.

Skyler D'Urso

Grade 2, Stevenson

Flying monkey: My favorite thing that flies is in my imagination. It's called a flying monkey. It flies through the sky and helps people. Don't tell anyone its secret name! Super Monkey. Shhh!

Jacob Ehrich

Grade 3, Sheridan

Paper airplanes: I love paper airplanes because they glide through the air. Also it's so fun to make and decorate them. Another thing that I like about them is that they're fun to have races with.

AJ Luna

Grade 5, St. Mary's

What's in the sky?: Have you ever taken a minute to think about all the things in the sky? No, not the clouds that are fluffy like cotton candy, but about things that fly, like birds. They are truly a grandiose creature! They are able to fly all the way up to the clouds, and some birds are pretty, too.

Kendall Opsal

Grade 5, Prairieland

Cool flyers: Birds fly everywhere. I love watching them. They make really pretty sounds. A lot of other things fly, like butterflies. Butterflies are really pretty. Flying things are really cool. I wish I could fly.

Ava Crabtree

Grade 4, Prairieland

What am I?: I'm always flying. I'm red, white and blue. I represent the country and I represent you! What am I? You guessed it; I'm the American flag!

Grace Heuer

Grade 3, Prairieland

Flying in formation: Sometimes birds fly in a flock that looks like the letter V. The birds that fly in a V are ducks and geese. Ducks make a quacking noise. Geese make a honk.

Caitlin Cushing

Grade 2, Prairieland

Dance in the sky: I want to fly like a bird in the sky. If I could fly, I would dance in the sky like a ballerina. I would sing like a tweeting bird. I would love to fly. Maybe tomorrow I can fly.

Vivian Dickinson

Grade 1, Prairieland

Turn of phrase: When you say "things that fly," I think of pigs because I want people to say, "when cows fly," not pigs because then we'd get free steak out of the sky! Yay!

Abram Rader

Grade 5, Parkside

National symbol: The American eagle is our national bird. They are good hunters. They live high up. 

Josh Mamon

Grade 1, Olympia South

Many birds in the world: There are many birds in the world. Birds can have many feathers. Birds are very special. The bald eagle is our country's bird. I like to see lots and lots of birds every day.

Anna Peasley

Grade 2, Oakland

What birds do: Birds can fly. They have wings to fly. They eat worms from the ground to feed their babies at the nest. Birds lay eggs in their nest. When they hatch they are called "baby chicks." I love baby chicks so much!

Ellen Taylor

Grade 2, Oakdale

Helicopter adventures: My favorite thing that can fly is a helicopter! I think helicopters are cool because they can go really fast. If I had a helicopter, I would look out the window to see things. First, I would go see Mount Everest, then I'd go see Hawaii. It would be awesome!

Finn Zeller

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Remote-control chopper: I like to drive my mini remote-control helicopter. It can go 10 feet high. I try to do tricks with my helicopter. It usually crashes to the ground.

Jacob Gant

Grade 4, High Road

Trampoline tricks: My most favorite thing that flies is me on a trampoline. On a trampoline I can jump, flip and do whatever I want. I usually go to Altitude Trampoline Park or my friend's backyard to play on a trampoline.

Ansh Gupta

Grade 4, Grove

Chatty parrots: My favorite bird is a parrot. When you say something, the parrot says something back. Parrots live in the forest. They are extremely, really fast. They are really good pets to have. Oh, yay! Parrots!

Trey Stanton

Grade 1, Grove

The best bird: I like eagles. I like eagles because they stand for America. I like how they dive down to catch their prey. You can't kill eagles because it is illegal to. I like the colors on their bodies. They are my favorite bird.

Adan Joaquin

Grade 4, Fox Creek

High in the sky: Eagles fly high in the sky. Eagles hunt for fish. Eagles feed their families fish. Eagles' wings are big. Eagles fly fast.

Austin Bell

Grade 3, Fox Creek

Rockets are a blast: Rocket ships can fly. They can fly in space. They have rocket boosters. Rocket ships can go fast. Astronauts fly their rocket ships to the moon! Rockets are awesome!

Ty'Shaun Byrd

Grade 2, Fox Creek

See the world: My favorite thing that can fly is an airplane because airplanes can help you travel to a different country, and while you are in the airplane you can see the beautiful world.

Amanda Hernandez

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Some things that fly: There are a few things that fly like a bird, and sometimes people say how beautiful they are soaring through the sky. Another thing that flies is an airplane people travel on. 

Janiya Byrd

Grade 3, Sheridan

Birds in summer: Birds are swishing through the hot weather. Birds fly so high it almost looks like a small dot slowly moving in the wind. Birds remind me of little baby birds in their bird's nest with their mom and dad watching TV.

Robert Flori

Grade 3, Prairieland

Airplane attributes: A thing that flies is an airplane. An airplane has two wings, a bunch of windows and, of course, an engine. I think airplanes can fit more than 100 people. I've never actually been on an airplane before. I really want to ride on one some time.

Maddy Bressner

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

On fairies' wings: Fairies can fly. Fairies can fly because they have wings. And some might have pixie dust. I really like fairies, so I picked them. One night a fairy came to my house and left pixie dust. 

Savannah Lapasky

Grade 1, Grove

Fly to Mexico: I like being on a plane when I travel to Mexico for the summer because some of them have TVs. I don't like being in a plane for more than four hours. Planes are sometimes scary because they shake.

Julian Rodriguez

Grade 5, St. Mary's

A bird, someday: Sometimes I wish I could fly. If I could fly I would not need a car. Maybe someday I could turn into a bird so I could fly! I think someday I could.

Josie Bottomley

Grade 1, Prairieland

Birthday present: Something cool that flies is a drone. My friend Emmett got me one for my birthday. It can fly way, way above the trees.

Connor Collins

Grade 1, Olympia South

Taking wing: Birds can fly because they have wings with feathers that can help them fly.

Alexa Sanchez

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge