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Helpful water: We can play in water. We can dive in water. We can flip in water. We can swim in water and drink water. We can splash in water and jump in water. Water can clean us. Water can help flowers and trees and leaves grow.

Anjali Vytla

Kindergarten, Bright Horizons

Water park fun: In the summer some people go to water parks. The people like to float. Sometimes they like to go down slides. Some people like to swim. And some like to eat snacks there, too.

Evelyn Goebel

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Want to swim: I've never been to a water park. I want to slide down the slide. I want to swim a lot. I'm so excited to go this summer.

Gabby Embry

Grade 4, High Road

Fast slides: I like water slides. They are fun to slide down. I go fast into the water.

Alex Sizemore

Grade 5, High Road

Keep cool: I love to drink water. Water is very healthy. I love when it's a hot day and I get a nice, cold glass of water. Water can also cool you off. If you have a water bottle, you can pour it on yourself!

Lana Brucker

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Pool time: Pools are filled with water. Pools have slides — tall slides, fast slides, swirly slides, you name them. Pools are so great. I love them. I cannot wait until the pools open this summer. I want to relax under the sun and swim in the pool while getting cooled off.

Amalie Johnston

Grade 2, Oakdale

Use water wisely: You can do a lot of things with water, but you must use water wisely. There is only so much water for all the people in this world, and some places in this world don't even have any fresh water. Some people take advantage of their access to water.  

Manjari Dheepan

Grade 5, Oakland

Play in the ocean: I had water all around me in the Bahamas. I played in the ocean with my family. I was able to be in the water with sea animals. Some of the animals I was with were dolphins, sharks and stingrays. I learned about sea animals and the ocean.

Kelly Tarnowski

Grade 1, Prairieland

Racing sisters: Splish! Splash! That's the sound of me swimming, trying to catch up to my sister. In the pool my favorite thing to do is race my sisters. We go to State Farm Park to swim. We throw rings and discs and swim after them.

Brady Wettstein

Grade 2, Prairieland

Make summer fun: If we didn't have water, then we wouldn't have a very fun summer. We wouldn't be able to play in the pool or the sprinkler, and we wouldn't have any flowers because they need water to live. We need water to live, too.

Ava Crabtree

Grade 4, Prairieland

Wonderful waves: "Woo hoo!" I hollered. "I love waves!" When you are at the beach, there is absolutely nothing better than relaxing and waves. They are fun to swim in, and they provide a cool current. You may be thinking, "What else can you do in waves?" Well, I have your answer: boogie boards!

Isabella Gilbert

Grade 5, Prairieland

Nice, warm bath: I love to take a nice, warm bath. I get to put a bath bomb in the bath, too. After I put the bath bomb in, I grab some bath toys and play!

Zuzu O'Donoghue

Grade 3, St. Mary's

Using and sharing: Things to do with water are you can drink it, clean it, and you can store it and give it to homeless people and help them. You can swim in it.

Jacob Ehrich

Grade 3, Sheridan

Key to survival: Water is very important. You can only survive two months without water. On a hot summer day you use water to cool off. A human body is 95 percent water. Water is used in lots of things; for example, hot chocolate has hot water in it.

Eva Barker

Grave 2, Stevenson

Water gun fun: Here are things to do with water: You can drink it and swim. You can also take a shower. You can play with water guns. These are things to do with water.

Joey Balonis

Grade 4, Stevenson

Water balloon fight: In the summer I fill a bunch of balloons for a balloon fight and we start to throw the water balloons at each other. They will burst as they hit a person, and they will get wet.

Daveon Martin

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Water everywhere: Water is very important to us. There is water everywhere. You can drink out of the refrigerator. There is water at the water park. A shower has water.

Makayla Myer

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Puddles and ice: Splash! A puddle! Water can make puddles. You can also freeze water. My brother and I used to freeze water in our freezer. After a little bit, it turned to water! It was really hard to drink.

Maddy Bressner

Grade 2, Jefferson Park 

Healthy drink: Water is a very healthy drink for you! It makes your body very, very strong and healthy. Here are some places with water: Hawaii, Alaska, Washington.

Emma Fromme

Grade 1, Prairieland