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Hug time: I love Valentine's Day. I will give out candy to family and friends. And I give hugs.

Bradley Tevis

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Love the day: I love Valentine's Day because I love the colors. I love Valentine's Day because of the candy. I love Valentine's Day because of all the cards you can get. I just love Valentine's Day.

Layiah Britton

Grade 2, Stevenson

Fun party: One day my mom had some chocolate, and my dad did, too. Then we had a party. It was so fun. I was happy.

Donovan Harris

Grade 3, Sheridan

Not for me: I do not like Valentine's Day. Everything is pink and red. I only like that I get candy.

Brian Clover

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Red, pink, magenta: Those are the colors of Valentine's Day. At school on Valentine's Day we always make boxes for the party. Then we go around passing out mouthwatering, delicious candies. I adore Valentine's Day mostly because of the candy, but also because of all the love and kindness that goes around.

Hailey Pool

Grade 5, Prairieland

Family traditions: Sometimes on Valentine's Day my family and I play fun games, and maybe, just maybe, if you win you might get extra candy. Some of our family's traditions are that we like to put on a Valentine-type tablecloth, we make paper hearts and sometimes if it is snowing we like to have winter fun.

Autumn McDaniel

Grade 4, Prairieland

Help others: For Valentine's Day, I will make cards for homeless people. I will go around town to find people to give the cards to. The cards will have a gift card inside them so they can go out to eat. Then I will go eat lunch with the homeless people. 

Liam Bovee

Grade 3, Prairieland

Time to love: Valentine's Day is to love others. I love my brother, my mom, my grandma and my dad. They love me. I love God. God loves me a lot. I love my friends. My friends play with me.

Andrew Jolley

Grade 1, Prairieland

Giving and caring: On Valentine's Day I gave chocolate to my third-grade teacher. I show that I care about my family.

Phillip Folks

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Best part: My favorite part about Valentine's Day is giving out cards.

Autumn Boolman

Grade 1, Olympia South

Full of love: Valentine's Day is full of love, hugs and kisses, and my favorite, chocolate. Valentine's Day is on Feb. 14 every year. You can give presents to people to remind them how much they are loved and mean to you. It reminds me how much I am loved. 

Daytona Welch

Grade 5, Oakland

Smiles feel great: I like Valentine's Day because children give each other cards and candy. I give my mom a present because I feel great when she smiles. It makes me smile, too. I also enjoy eating my candy after school.

Safa Mirza

Grade 3, Oakland

Holiday for hugs: I love Valentine's Day. It is a great holiday for hugs. For Valentine's Day I make nice cards for my family and friends. It is fun to spend time with your family.

Lillian Phillips

Grade 2, Oakland

Fun and beautiful: In our classroom, we celebrate with a Valentine's Day party, and I exchange cards with all my friends and teachers. Last year, my mom and I made handmade cards. It was fun and beautiful. The day is about showing kindness, love and care.

Mohamed Insaf Syed

Grade 1, Oakland

Special feelings: Valentine's Day is special because it is like you just have the feeling you want to give. That is how you should feel at Valentine's Day. You should also feel happy because you get and give. I like Valentine's Day.

Jonathan Rodts

Grade 2, Oakdale

Giving joy: On Valentine's Day I give joy to everyone. Every year I give my teacher chocolate, and I give my classmates candy and cards. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day so much because I get to see my friends, and I get to have fun for the whole day.

Marisa McFarland

Grade 3, Northwest

Craft time: On Valentine's Day I like to make Valentine cards for my friends. I also like to give out hugs. But the best thing is making crafts for others. 

Scout Porter

Grade 2, Northpoint

Giving day: It is a day where you give people cards that have hearts on them. It is a day where you give love and joy. It is a day with family with you.

Allik Bowen

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Thinking about good things: I like Valentine's Day because I think about family. I love it because I think about kindness. I like it because I think about love. I like it because of candy. I love Valentine's Day because I think about gifts.

Jacksyn Carey

Grade 2, Irving 

Cupid's arrow: Valentine's Day is about expressing your love for someone, showing them how much they mean to you. Give them a love note. My mom and dad are in love. They got shot by Cupid's arrow a very long time ago.

Leah Hopkins

Grade 2, Heyworth

Card box: On Valentine's Day my class and I have a Valentine's party. We need a decorated box. At home before the party my mom and I get to work. We go to the basement and decorate the box. I use stickers, stamps, paper hearts and the word "love." I collect all my cards, pictures and whatever they give me.

Aditi Chander

Grade 2, Grove

Let's eat out: Valentine's Day is a day to give cards to your family and go out to eat. 

Noah Lewis

Grade 1, Grove

Fun day: I like Valentine's Day. It is fun. Every Valentine's Day my family and I eat out. When my brother and I wake up on Valentine's Day, my mom makes a special breakfast.

Joel Wood

Grade 2, Fairview

My Valentine heart: I love my heart inside my body. I love it because it is like a Valentine.

Faryn Pirtz

Grade 1, Epiphany

Sharing love: I love Valentine's Day because it is all about sharing love, and my favorite part, you get chocolate for free and you get to give chocolate to another person for free. I also love that you get to be with your family, giving love and sharing the love that you have for them. 

Giselle Haro

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Love in the air: Valentine's Day is when love is in the air! I love Valentine's Day because of all the chocolate, and for the pretty flowers. It is one of the best holidays.

Nina Ross

Grade 4, Calvary

Will you be my Valentine?: Valentine's Day is a holiday that you can celebrate with close friends. You can also ask people to be your valentine. I am looking forward to Valentine's Day.

Evan Plank

Grade 3, Benjamin

Caring hearts: On Valentine's Day I go and visit senior citizens and give them red, heart-shaped balloons, cards and hugs. We even play games and sing songs. My family, my friends and I wear red-colored clothes. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we get to eat cupcakes.

Disha Rai

Grade 2, Benjamin

Love mom: I love my mom. I love my family. I give hugs to Mom.

Hunter Trefzger

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Good February holiday: Valentine's Day is when you give love to your family members and your friends. It is a good holiday for February. You give notes to your family and your friends.

Jayden Harris

Grade 2, Stevenson

It's the best: Valentine's Day is fun because you get to eat all types of candy, but not a lot because you could get cavities. On Valentine's Day I always hope for banana Laffy Taffy because that is my favorite candy. At school you have to give everybody in your class a candy bag and a card. That's why Valentine's day is the best.

Keyairah Horton

Grade 3, Sheridan

Date night, game night: On Valentine's Day we exchange letters and have a party with our class. My parents go on a date. I stay home and play games.

Burke Blakney

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Gremlin: Every year on Feb. 14 people celebrate Valentine's Day. In my family there is something called the Valentine's Day gremlin. He is sort of like the Easter Bunny. He leaves out chocolate and candy. One time he even put balloons in our room. 

Autumn Brown

Grade 4, Prairieland

How did it start?: Valentine's Day is all about love, but how did it come to be? A man named St. Valentine was secretly marrying couples. Claudius II did not want men to get married because he thought they would be weak if they went to war. Soon Claudius found out and arrested St. Valentine. Later St. Valentine died in jail on Feb. 14.

Zoe Kaupas

Grade 3, Prairieland

Do anything: Valentine's Day is so fun because there are so many things to do. You can make a card. You can hug your family members. You can throw a party. You can do anything on Valentine's Day.

Cassady Fleming

Grade 1, Prairieland

How to spread love: Valentine's Day is about love and hope. First, you have to make someone happy. Second, give your valentine a hug and thank her. Third, kiss her under a heart.

Tyler Hupp

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge